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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Birthday

My son Houston turned 4 in June. I have to admit, this party was one of the most fun adventures I've planned yet! All thanks to Pinterest!!!!

With the exception of the candy cake (which I've been doing for years) all my ideas came from Pinterest.

In the next few photos you'll see the Pinterest idea on the left, my creation on the right!

Excuse the Redneck on the bottom right...he is NOT my husband.
I swear. But that is my 93 year old great grandmother on the bottom left!!!

I reuse the same stacked bowls everytime I make this famous treat! Every friend my kids have, ask for that candy cake! They could care less about a real cake anymore!

I'm so proud of my homemade photo booth! My uhhhem...redneck handyman of a husband made an actual booth for the frame! You'll NEVER believe where I got the wood either...my grandmother's next door neighbor was throwing away an old bunk bed and I grabbed a few pieces! The photo booth literally cost me about $3!!!

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