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Saturday, May 28, 2011

No Sew Crinkle Robot Lovey

Crinkle Bots

Boys love robots!

This super cute lovey was made using scrap fabric,
felt, different textured ribbons, and an iron. The back is a nice silky satin in royal blue.

Rotary knife
12x12 scrap fabric
Scrap ribbon
3/8" Heat Bond Infusion Tape (you can use any size)
Notions for accessorizing

I used the robot template from PrudentBaby.com/crinkle-bots but gave it my own flair.

1. The template printed small on a standard 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper, but I grabbed a 12x12 sheet of my scrapbooking paper and hand drew it a bit larger.

2. Instead of keeping the box shape, I turned the right side of the two pieces (front and back pieces) toward each other, pinned the pattern to both, and cut using my rotary knife. To keep the box shape of the robot head, cut a small slit diagonally where the head meets the shoulders.

3. Next, I flipped the top (gray) fabric back, revealing the right side of the underneath (blue) fabric and lightly marked where I wanted to put my Heat Bond. Keep in mind the different infusion tapes will affect the finished size and feel of the lovey. I used 3/8" but could have even gone smaller. I also used the heavier (ultra hold) infusion tape for durability.

4. After you have a strip of infusion down, start ironing the pieces together. I like to iron smaller strips at a time so I make sure the placement is exactly where I want it. If you are more advanced, you can insert ribbon pieces as you go as long as you keep in mind that you will be flipping right side out when you're done. OR you can take the easy route and iron all edges together except for a 2" slot for flipping inside out.

5. Once you have ironed the edges closed, gently start to pull the inside fabric through the opening until it's right side out.

6. The rest is up to you! Add any ribbon/embellishments you like!

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