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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Wreath-A-Holic Tutorial

Can Someone Please Tell Me Why I Love Making Wreaths So Much??? 
I Just Lurve it, and here's my latest! 

Valentines Day Wreath 

I got this idea from one of my favorite blogs, Tatertots And Jello
She used cupcake liners to make her wreath below.

That made me think of a friend of mine who makes these O-Mazing liners that don't fade! She sent me some and I absolutely love the vibrancy of colors and designs!!! 

You can check out what Kelly has at: 

For my wreath, I used her Red/White Damask, Red/White Harlequin, and my absolute fave, Turquoise/Red Scroll! 

Everything I used, I already had, so this wreath literally cost me a few dollars!! 
I had this ugly hay wreath sitting around for months and months, not knowing what to do with it...

 I covered it with red tissue paper. This is definitely an indoor wreath!

I didn't quite know if it would look okay to use all three of these designs, 
but I absolutely love the way it turned out!!

wreath tutorial11
I turned the liners inside out and pinched the bottom to form somewhat of a flower. 
I hot glued the bottoms closely together, straight onto the tissue paper, alternating between the two red/white designs.  


Next I took the turquoise/red, turned them inside out as well, then flattened them out. 
I layered the next liner on top but instead of cutting to make it smaller, I just bunched it a bit. 
I continued with 2 more for a total of 4, making each smaller. 

vday garland

I covered the messy center by coiling some red garland I had. 

valentines wreath 2



I'm constantly brainstorming to come up with fundraising items to sell for my Haiti Mission Trip and although I've never sold any of my wreaths, I'm thinking about including them into my Etsy...

By the way...you can also click the "Donate" button on the link above to help a sista out!!! 
Just type in BETH HILTY in the "note" section!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Mod Podge Coasters

Here's a fun way to keep your kids (and husband)
on track while helping them remember your words
without having to stand over them!

Items Needed: 
~6x6 inch tiles
~Spray Paint
~Mod Podge
~Spray Sealant
~Paint Brush
~Letter Stickers
~Cork Stickers or a Sheet of Cork

Start with plain white porcelain tiles. 
I bought these at Hobby Lobby for about .25ea.

Spray paint the tile and let dry.

Grab a sheet of letter stickers and place your word choice 
without pressing down hard. This way you can adjust 
their placement without tearing the letters.

Once your phrase looks the way you want it, press the letters down firmly.

Brush the lettered tile with a coat of Mod Podge and let dry. 

Repeat this process 3 or 4 more times letting the Mod Podge dry between coats. 

After the last coat dries, spray with a sealant and let dry. 

I forgot to take a picture, but after the sealant has dried, I turned the tile over
and painted a layer of Mod Podge then placed 4 small cork dots in the corners. 
You can also buy a sheet of thin cork and cut to just inside the size of the tile. 
This will give you a nice flat surface on the bottom. 


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Project 365...Day 3

I'm committing myself to posting daily pictures of my world everyday in 2011. I can do this man!!!! This is us eating lunch after church. Love my family!!!
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Project 365...Day 5

I finally found apps to allow photo upload from my iPad!!!! Even better...Learned I can blog straight from my Evo WITH pictures! Love my new technology! Now I just have to figure out how to add pics to my drafts from the last 4 days...I'm always behind!
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