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Thursday, August 26, 2010

tangledeutopia LOVES stuffchristianslike.net!!!

Can this PLEASE be one of the books we read in Damascus Road this year????

If you've never been to this site, I BEG you to go!!! I only wish my brain were able to form the words he uses! Jon Acuff has the ability to pull subconcious thoughts from the depths of his mind and gush them out into the world leaving you thinking to yourself:
"I've always felt that way or thought that way, but never knew how to put it into words."

He has the ability to take a situation so ingrained in our memories or traditions as Christians and give accurate and insightful words to the things we've experienced our entire lives in church or in our daily journey. He brings clarity to some of the biggest reasons people stray from their belief system. He isn't afraid to acknowledge how absurd or mundane traditions become in a church that has had the same focus (or people for that matter) its' entire existence, which is why there are so many more "mature" people instead of wide-eyed ready to tackle the world teens and young adults!

I'm so thankful my home church, The Life Church Memphis, is fresh, relevant, and nothing like the traditional stuffiness I grew up in. (I know I know...stuffiness isn't a word you think of when you're talking about a pentecostal church.)

Sorry to say, as relevant as my church is, we still have the Metro Sexual Worship Leader but from what I hear....(cuz you know I'm old at 33 or so my 12 year old tells me) that look is in right now....Go read Jon's stuff!!!

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