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Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm Tellin' Ya Now

I've held out long enough. I should know by now, if you wait to make your move when conditions are perfect, your move passes you by OR you shift directions without being able to control which way you go. 

Only in those times that you throw caution to the wind and take that step of faith out of your comfort zone, do things really start to move. God needs to know that you are willing to meet Him half way. He needs to know that you are willing to open yourself to what He has been waiting YOUR whole life to offer you. 

I've been waiting for conditions to be in my favor. Spending more time making excuses than making memories. I've spent so much time being so bold in these massive life changes recently, that I've cowered and doubted myself at the thought that I could DO IT ALL

Really? I can transition jobs right as school lets out for summer, get a full nights sleep every single night of the week lying next to my warm oh-so-comfy husband, remember how great it is to interact with people during the day and actually remember what conversations I have, spend massive amounts of energy making up precious time with my children that I lost over the past year, and oh yeah...fall in love all over again with the industry I left so long ago! I can have all this? 

And did I mention  


I've been proving to myself that YES. I Can Do It All. But No. I don't always see my potential. I don't always see how wonderfully God made me. I've been limiting myself BECAUSE of myself.  

Do you remember the post I wrote so long ago about my dream to go through DR? I'm so excited to tell you, not only am I starting in August, but Chief is starting with me! This is going to be another major life transition for our family as the kids start back to school, and we start this 12 month intense leadership ministry course. 
Taking this leap of faith is going to inevitably give me the opportunity to live out the dream I wrote about because at the end of the 12 months, we have to go on a mission trip.

I hope you'll follow me during this new chapter! I promise not to leave you again!

 I'm excited about sharing all the inevitable ups and downs.

 I'm excited about finally making the decision to stop sweating the small stuff and let someone else take care of  my site makeover. For the next few months I only want to focus on writing.

So yes. You will see more changes. Bigger Better Changes. 

But isn't life about change? Isn't life about growth?
 If you pay attention during those times of change, during those times of struggle, I bet you'll realize the beauty of exactly where you're at in that moment. There's beauty in God opening your eyes to see how you can obtain the life you want with what you already have. That's when the conditions to transform your tangled life into a perfect "utopia" are already there. In my world, I call that perfect imperfection. I call that Tangled Eutopia.  

See you soon!