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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Jones's Should Only Be Kept Up With If You're One Of The Smart People

I was doing some weekly reading of some of the blogs I follow, when I read a post MckMama wrote about blogging boldly....

Come on now. You know I have an opinion...Cuz I have an opinion about everything...

**Did I just hear you mumble Amen under your breath?**   
You betta check that stuff at the door....

Back to what I was saying....
MckMama talked about trying to be real and authentic this year. 
Let's just be real for a second.

Real and Authentic are not words that hormones understand.
Now there's a word your hormones can understand.

All you have to do is look back through my posts
and you can easily see the words
IRRATIONAL AND HORMONAL written all over...

Want a perfect example?

Go read the reply I just wrote to one of the comments made on her post.
Go read my last post or the one before that and then come back and read these words very carefully:

I'm Sitting At Work With A Bag of Left Over Christmas M&M's....

Because the word Period is more than just a dot on a page....

A Time to Celebrate: A Celebration of a Girl's First Menstrual Period
(Celebrate??? Are you kidding Me???)

It's nothing to play with.
You can't compete.
You can't win.
You just succumb.
And eat the damn chocolates even though you've just started a
MAJOR Life Change because it's a New Year....

**I Feel The Hormones Kickin' Into High Gear For This Next Set Of Sentences...You've Been Warned**

To Blog Boldly or Speak Boldly can sometimes be nothing more than YOU making YOU look like a close minded freak.

The word Perception means Your Truth For That Moment.
Nothing More.

Because have no doubt...Your Perception in that moment is almost Never anyone else's...

I don't think the Jones' are bad people. Infact, I think there's a lot to learn not from them, but from yourself when you're going through emotions about them.

Those are the times (if you're smart) that you take envy and you take worry and you take self-doubt
and you turn it into another path on your journey.
(If you're smart,) you let the Jones's remind you of what's really important...

I was going to write a Loud Screaming Post about how I was soooo over all my serious talk lately...
I was going to write a Loud Screaming Post about how I was making a vow to get back to
Original Biness of only being funny and sarcastic...


Life ain't all about Funny Biness....

Life is Real.
Life is Hormonal.
Life is Tragic.
Life is Eye-Opening.
Life is Weak.
Life is Strong.
Life is Short.
Life is Way-To-Long-With-Not-Enough-Time
Life is Wonderful.
Life is Hard.
Life is About Learning.
Life is....

Life is What You Make It.
You Are Exactly Where You Are Supposed To Be At This Very Moment.

So Write About It.
And You Can

Re-Live It.
Learn From It.
Improve Upon It.
Gloat Over It.
Change It.
Apologize For It.
Understand It.


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Secretia said...

I checked my street before I bought the house to make sure there were no "Jones" living here!