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Friday, January 1, 2010

How To Give Up a Bad Habit: 10 Ways To NOT Fail This Time

Don't you get tired of setting the same goals every year? Don't you get tired of giving up after a month because you were not realistic?

It's Time To UnTangle The Reasons You Fail Every Time
Finally Get IT Accomplished!

1.You CAN Control of Your Thoughts
Your thoughts are amazing tools for reinventing your world. The KEY is taking time to actually think beforehand.

2.Stop Punishing Yourself
Don’t beat yourself up for having unhealthy habits. Guilt keeps you focused on negative. Shame does little for motivation.

3.Challenge Your Past
 It's very easy to slowly lock UnTruth's into your mind. If you tell yourself something over and over, it eventually becomes true. If that is true for negatives, why can't it be true for positives? Revisit some issues that are holding you back and give yourself a new truth.

4.Don't Just Make Goals, Make Plans For Those Goals
And speak them out loud. That holds you more accountable and instills trust in your word.

5.Write Your Plan and Focus on it Every Day
Carry a copy of that statement with you and tape it to your bathroom mirror, the ceiling over your bed, the dashboard of your car , the back of your cell phone.

6.Seek the Right Kind of Support 
Some say to seek people that won't tear you down but only lift you up. I say find people who will get you to your goal.  That means connecting with people that are where you WANT to be.

7.Create Affirmations
On a sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle and write down the Truths (Really UNtruths) you tell yourself  every second of everyday. On the next write down the complete opposite. Throughout the day, say your affirmation aloud. Eventually it won't make you feel like a dork because it will feel TRUE!

8.Visualize The New YOU
See yourself Being what you want.  Act the part.
Pretend like you've reached your goal. Be that kind of person in your words, behavior, and attitude. As you do, others will begin to see you as you want to be.

9.Don't Focus On Time. Focus On One Step at a Time
Eliminate “I’ll try” From Your Vocabulary. That gives you an easy out. When you make a commitment or promise to yourself, say, “I will do it!”

No new habit comes without hard work. If you have a bad day, don’t condemn yourself. And don’t give up. The more you practice your new behavior, the better you will become at doing it. Practice consistently and soon it will become second nature.



moonduster said...

Excellent post! True in so many respects.

I achieved so many things last year that people kept telling me were impossible that I've learned to be confident that I will achieve my goals, and that I am the one who has to make them happen.

Deb said...

Numbers 2 and 3 hit near my heart.

I have to work at giving up guilt...it like clings to me.

And I have to realize that the past is just that.

Past. Over. Done.

So now I can learn from past mistakes.

But go forward anyway.

Thanks for sharing these suggestions.

Hope you have a wonderful new year.

Sweet dreams.

Unknown Mami said...

No more guilt!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

You're so right! I need to make good use of these tips. I've got a lot of stuff to do this year. :)

TangledEutopia said...

You Guys Rock!!!
Cheers To The New You!

Secretia said...

That was generally good advice, except I can't control my thoughts, just like when I was in Catholic school.