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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

God's Name Is Amanda

If we're being honest here, I have to say that I didn't start my fast until Monday (instead of Sunday) because if you read my first post about these 21 Days, you'll remember that I had one of my TangledEpiphanies or Ta-Piphany as I like to call it about what I thought God was trying to tell me.

Funny enough, When I heard His voice telling me HOW I should go through this journey,
He disguised Himself as a sweet soft-spoken woman that stands maybe 5" tall and weighs maybe 100lbs.
AND He called Himself Amanda!!! But it didn't matter because I heard it!!

I'm not going to bore you with a rundown of what I've eaten, but I will say this:

RatatouilleI ate TOFU for the first time ever!!! 
(I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't throw up and it was edible.)

I made Ratatouille and Runs With Scissors looked at it and said,
 "What??? I'm not eating HIM, I like HIM!"

In case you don't know, it consisted of:
eggplant, onions, zucchini, and tomatoes.

4 out of the 4 ingredients that Miss Talks-A-Lot HATES, but she was a good sport!! 
And she ate 2 helpings of salad!! That is HUGE because I didn't allow Ranch dressing!! 
Really Really Proud of my kids!
(On a side note, while I'm bragging....She was also one of only 27 kids out of ALL the choir kids in the whole school that was chosen to be in a special choir aside from Show or Honors!! And Runs With Scissors made Honor Roll AGAIN with only 1 B, and he even complained about that!!)

I made a complete meal using only:
5tbs. of olive oil, lemon juice, basil, garlic, salt and pepper. 

 I'm sorry but in my Southern house, that's an accomplishment!!

It's been much easier to give up tea than I ever thought, although I've had 1 cup of coffee everyday, but in my defense, I've cut the sugar in half with Stevia and replaced my evaporated milk with....okay....I won't write a lie. Only some of the time I've halfed it with yucky powder creamer.

Powder creamer seems soooo beneath Starbucks and I!!!

The Starbucks Experience: 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary
I had such a routine. Such a habit with my coffee. I pride myself in getting my Barista's at my favorite Starbucks trained. I'm very matter-of-fact and now that's all come to an end. I have to start over. WHEN I start going back to Starbucks that is....One of my commitments is not buying any food outside of Whole Foods, Easy-Way, or the Grocery. Sadly, that includes my Love, Starbucks.


Let me tell you how hard this has been....Hootie and I were waiting in the University parking lot so my brother could finish his registration for school and out of boredom,

 I decided to clean under my seats. I know. OCD. Just keep going with it....

I found a certificate that Starbucks had mailed me for a free coffee!!!! (They really love me)

God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee



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Melinda said...

Very funny! ;0) I am proud of you! I have some health issues, so I've been on a restrictive diet for so many years that I could give Daniel a run for his money. It's still hard, though ...

I have a friend who is doing the Daniel Fast, too. She and I ate lunch together yesterday -- and lamented our lack of sustenance!