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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tutorial: How To Make A No Sew Fabric Keychain

This Time I'm For Real.
Gonna Show You.....

Cut your fabric 4" x 9"

I Cut A Piece Of Cardstock To Ensure All My Pieces Were Uniform.
If You Have A Sewing Board With A Ruler On It,
Use It. But I'm Guessing If You Have One Of Those Boards, You Already Knew That And You're Just Looking At My Tutorial Because You're Having A Bad Day And You Need A

I Pre-Fold Everything Just To Make It Easier On Myself.
Fold The Edge Over For A Mock Hem

Fold Each Side Toward The Middle. Cut A Strip Of Pellon Fusable Stuff
And Iron Between The First Fold And Second Fold

As Long As You're Not Looking At My Fat Fingers, You Should Be Able To Tell
You Will Come Out With A 1" Strip. Iron This Flat.

Fold In Half and Iron Again. Don't Add The Fusion Yet. You're Just Ironing So You Can Work With The Fabric Easier.

I Fuse A Small Piece Of Ribbon To The Back Side, Then Flip Over, Add A Narrow Strip Of Fusion Between The Ribbon And The Fabric, And Fuse Together With Iron.
**Make Sure You Do A Test Run With The Hot Iron and The Ribbon You Are Using. It's Possible To Melt The Ribbon If You Are Using One With A Pattern**

Slide Your Ring To The Middle. I Would Have Preferred To Use A D-Ring First,
But Since I Forgot To Buy Some, This Is What You Get...Sorry, I Know You Thought I Was Perfect...

Flip To The Underneath and Add A Strip Of Fusion.

Flip Back Over And Match The Ends Perfectly.  Pull Tight And Fuse Together With The Hot Iron.

Pull Tight And Make Sure The Way It Naturally Gathers Around The Ring Is Even.

It Should Look Something Like This...

I Bought This Embroidery Letter For $1.29 At Hobby Lobby Since I Don't Have A Machine Of My Own....Ahhh, One Can Dream.....Maybe One Day!

This Letter Is A Simple Iron On....And VOILA......
A Really Simple NO-SEW Fabric Key Chain



Jen said...

That is really really cool and easy to make.

Oh and I love the look of your blog.

Stopped by from SITS to say hi and welcome.

adrienzgirl said...

Oh, pretty! Love, love these!!

Georgina said...

I love "no-sew sewing" like I love "no-bake baking"! Got any good recipes for no bake chocolate cake? :) - G