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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tutorial: DIY Ribbon Dispenser

I've been a BAD GIRL....

I can't seem to stay away from:

El Hobbio Lobbio...
(Hobby Lobby for those of you that can't read Authentic Spanglish)

I bought my very first Crop-A-Dile and I'm In Punchin' Holes & Stickin' Eyelets Heaven!!!

If you've never heard of it, go check them out here:
We R Memory Keepers

I went on their website to get some ideas for finishing my Christmas Cards and found an idea for how to organize all my ribbons.

Well Sorta.

I think it could be mis-construed as:
Redneck Can't Get A Real Craft Room kinda idea....
Whatever.    L

I've got baskets full of ribbon and have had to make a couple of these
ribbon dispensers.
I chose to make mine black so I could still focus on the ribbon when trying to make a decision.

In this tutorial I used an empty formula can and an empty margarine tub.

Memory Keepers didn't. They had the good stuff.
The Cute Good Stuff...

Whatever. I Love Mine....
Here's how I've been keeping my ribbon.
I have a 5 drawer rolling cart that works well, but when I work with my ribbon
at my kitchen table, everything becomes mumbo jumbo and disorganized.

There are a couple items that have really helped in my journey to becoming:

While at Hobby Lobby, I splurged because I had a 40% off coupon and bought this:
It's a 2 sided board. One to cut (with my new rotary cutter) and the other to iron on. (since I'm the queen of No-Sew)

The tool I'm Most excited about is my new
I've been dreaming all night and day about things I want to make holes in...
(Well...to be exactly truthful, I started dreaming only AFTER I went on the website and learned how to use it.)

Let's Get Started!
Materials Needed:

Empty Container. Preferably light weight metal or hard plastic.
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Fabric and/or Ribbon of your choice
Rotary Cutter, Exacto Knife, or Sharp Fabric Scissors
Crop-A-Dile Grommet Pusher or traditional grommet tool
Cardboard or other heavy board to protect work area

This old margarine tub is light weight but held up well to the heat of the glue gun.
Pick a starting point, add a thin line of glue and apply fabric.
Hold taught to decrease wrinkles and make a smooth surface.

Once you have the top glued, flip it upside down and hot glue the bottom. Cut off the excess fabric.

Take your gromment or embellishment tool and punch holes all the way around in the desired width apart. I set mine to 31/8" because the embellishments are tiny.

After you get all holes in place, apply an embellishment into each hole and use your tool to set in place.

I counted the holes and grabbed the appropriate number of spools of ribbon.
I took all the ribbon off the spool and stuffed it into the tub while pushing the end of the ribbon through the grommets. Once I had the ribbon pulled out enough, I put the lid on but DO NOT SECURE THE LID.
If you do this you won't be able to reuse the tub with new ribbon.



Freddae' said...

Hobby Lobby spells trouble! I love that store...oh but my hubs does not. ;-p

adrienzgirl said...

Crafts....must go wash eyeballs out. Do not commit to memory! :D

Unknown Mami said...

I'm so uncrafty it never even would have occurred to me to make a dispenser for ribbons. You mean they don't have to be all tangled up?