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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Truthful Tuesday: My Kid Is Better Than Your Kid..

Last year, around this time, BFF and I drove through Starbucks (what's new?)
Starbucks Christmas Ornament Clear To Go Cup
and were told once we got to the window that the car ahead of us had paid for our drinks. I had never heard of that before and became overwhelmed with emotion at the thought of random acts of kindness not only still alive, but actually happening to ME!
Random Acts of Kindness Degree: Custom Gag Diploma Doctorate Certificate (Funny Customized Joke Gift - Novelty Item)
Of course, paid for the car behind us, and the barista informed us that the current stint of paying it forward was in its' 4th hour. That made my night as well as made my days brighter for days after.

But that was last year. While I've often thought about that night, I haven't spoken about it this year.

I'm on the tail end of working 12 straight days of a mixed up schedule that has left me beyond tired and tired. I had to write that word twice because I couldn't think of a better word to convey just how much my schedule sucks right now other than jumping through your computer screen and screaming it in your face while choking the sleep out of you......

 Last night I decided to wage war on the demons of all things tired and get the boys dressed to go look at Christmas lights.
Mult Color Changing RBG 100 LED Christmas Light string 2021
Miss Talks-A-Lot was at a slumber party and while I really enjoy spending time with all my babies, I have to admit the level of chaos is so much more DO-ABLE when Runs With Scissors is alone having only to compete with an 18 month old who laughs at every single word he speaks because said 18 month old thinks his older brother hung the moon!

Can I get to the point of my story please???

We're in the drive-thru and Runs With Scissors asks the barista what the total was for the car behind us. It was double the total we had just paid for our own drinks, but I want you to know, that baby pulled $10 out of his little 8 year old pocket, paid the bill, and instructed him to tell them Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas with Ringing Bells Pin Brooch
I'm not sure I've ever had a prouder moment as a mom! I had no idea he had any concept of paying it forward or any knowledge about that becoming a trend at Starbucks around the holidays!

Baby, I hope you realize how you might have impacted someone's life. You never know who was sitting in that car behind us. You have no idea what was going on in their life. They could have been contemplating suicide all day and you changed their mind simply by showing that random act of Christmas Spirit.
Jingle Joy Christmas Spirit 18" Mylar Balloon
Jesus acted in that very same manner and I want you to know, while it is so much more important that YOU feel proud of you, I am proud of you.

More than words could ever be written in a blog. (That you have never read....)

I Love You My Sweet Babies!

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