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Friday, December 4, 2009

No Shame In My Christmas Shoppin' Game

Chief and I Don't Believe In Credit Cards,
So You Wanna Know How We Saved For Christmas?

That's $493.51
All For Christmas
No January Have To Pay Off Credit Card Stress!!!

And Here Is Just A Taste Of What I Bought...
Sorry, Can't Show You Pictures Of Gifts Because Some NOSY Family Members Read My Blog...

Just To Prove There's NO SHAME IN MY GAME.....

Let me take you on a little tour of how I did my part
to try and spread a little Holiday Patience In The Check Out Line....
Using ONLY:
Susan B. Anthony Dollars
Half Dollars
Those HUGE Silver Dollar Coins
and Pennies!!!
I Kill Me!!

Beauty Supply  $42.39
$25.00-Half Dollars

Dollar Store $20.13
(Don't You Dare Count The Stuff In The PictureThen Email Me To Tell Me There's Not 18 Items...
You Don't Really Expect Me To Show You The Cheetos Do You?)

And By The Way....Did You Notice In The Back, The BIGGEST FA-REAKIN' cup of
Ramen Noodles I've EVER Seen In My Life?? I Had To Get Them As A Joke For Chief
Because I Think They Are The Grossest Thing EVA....

But What Did That Fool Do???

Took Them From Me And Went Straight To The Kitchen To Put Them In The Microwave...
You Can't Joke With A Redneck And His Ramen Noodles

Just To Let You Know, I'm Not TOTALLY Redneck Enough To Use Change Everywhere. I Just Work At Night And My Bank Was Closed On Black Friday.
And NO Honey Child' I Was NOT Gonna Let Change Stand In My Way Of Shopping The Sales!


I Bought The Cute Wrapping Paper At The Dollar Store, But Wanted To Make The Wrapping
A Bit Cuter, So I Cut A Stocking Template And Glued Some Ribbon Around The Top.
I'm Going To Put The Fabric Key Chains In The Stockings and Give Them To The Kids Teachers.
(If you are one of them, just pretend you didn't read that part, Thanks!)

With The Left Over Ornaments From My Topiary
I'm Going To Make A Wreath!

Until I Post The Tutorial, Go Check Out These Really Cute Wreath Ideas From
The Girls At Roof With A View!



Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

LOL - I love it! You're right: ain't nothin' wrong with paying in change. But I always take mine over to a Coinstar machine and dump it all in there ... I'm too lazy to do all that wrapping, and I do like paying in dollars better. ;)

And those are some cute craft ideas. Oh, how I wish I were crafty.

adrienzgirl said...

Hubs and I totally roll coins this time of year. But I have started wearing latex gloves when rolling. Cause, for real, coin money makes your hands smell terrible even after you wash them like a gagillion times!