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Thursday, December 31, 2009

If That's A Syndrome, I've Got The Plague

I've decided I'm going to break my goals for 2010 into 4 quarters. I can't seem to fathom having the attention span needed for an overall yearly goal.

All I keep saying to myself as I'm writing is "man, I hope I actually have the guts at the end of this, to publish what I'm writing."

I've never actually done that before. My goals have always been private.

Private because I know the weight of accountability that sits on the shoulders of such a huge step I would be taking. But remember that little post I wrote about Tangled Epiphanies?  The one I had on a road trip recently? The epiphany that gave me chills as I drove down the dark interstate when I realized (in my opinion and round about way) that God intended for us to have on-going mental battles until we understand that is the only way to PROVE and BELIEVE in:

photo courtesy of: vistawallpaper.org

I'll find a way to incorporate reaching the goal of GOING PUBLIC into one of the rewards I give myself throughout the year because well....


90 Days
45 lbs.
4 lbs. per week
I'm going to open a new account and deposit $10 for every pound lost so I can use that as my reward and go shopping for new clothes.

I accidentally found this GREAT website called:

And Fell In Love!

I wanted to highlight some of the Awesomeness David Concocts and YES, I'm totally going to let him know I'm quoting him so he doesn't think I'm stealing his stuff!

Read a couple of things he says, then go check him out!!!

  1. What are you not doing even though you feel you should want it?

  2. Where do you claim to want something but then let fear stop you?

  3. What aren’t you tackling because it’s too much work?

  4. Are you actively engaged or on autopilot?

  5. How many projects do you have on the go at any one time? How good are you at prioritizing them?

  6. Where are you choosing safe over happy?

***When I stepped back to look at my life objectively I realized that if I was to prioritize the things I do the order came out:...... And when things aren't going well, it's usually the fault of whatever's on the bottom of the list.

***When you set a “goal”, your subconscious mind tends to place it into the “someday” category, even if it’s a short-term goal you have every intention of completing. And while you may complete it as a short-term goal, the chances of failure actually go up when you label it as a “goal”… despite the fact that it’s good to have goals.

***You had an idea based on your desire, and you successfully executed it at some point in the future. Same as a goal right? The difference is, your mind is used to following through with plans, but may need much more training to follow through with “goals”, despite the fact that they are basically the same thing.

***How to Create Your “Plan”
Let’s do a quick exercise. All you’ll need is a pen, a piece of paper, and your mind.
 Take one of your big long-term goals that you hope to accomplish “someday” and that’ll be the only thing we label a “goal” for this exercise, and write it down on the top of your paper. Now, the sub-goals, or what would be called the short-term goals leading up to your big goal are going to be labeled “plans”.
 Write down your new short term “plans” and decide when they should be executed, and give an estimated time-frame. Put tentative dates, and make sure to plan on executing some of them very soon, in fact, as soon as you can. If it’s honestly a goal you really want, you won’t want to wait anyway.
 Below is a simplistic example plan to illustrate the exercise I just described. It’s for someone who’s always wanted to start their own online business but has previously put it into the “someday” category in their mind.
 Goal: Start an Online Business
 Action Plans:

  • Find a good resource and gather up the necessary knowledge.

    Date: 11/30/2009 (Today) – Complete by: 12/7/2009

  • Topic/Market Research

    Date: 12/7/2009 – Complete by: 12/14/2009

  • Create the website

    Date: 12/15/2009 – Complete by: 12/21/2009

  • Create the initial content

    Date: 12/22/2009 – Complete by: 2/22/2010

  • Create a marketing plan

    Date: 2/23/2009 – Complete by: 3/1/2010

  • And so on…

  • If you take the above example literally it will obviously have some flaws, but it wasn’t meant to help you start an online business, it’s purpose is to show you how to simply change the “goals” you need to accomplish as soon as possible into plans, so your mind actually queues the actions you need to take, rather than just letting them remain stagnant in the “someday” bin.



beloved Mama said...

Hey Girl! Thanks for blessing me with a comment and with your blog :) I love my sisters in Christ!
Blessings and Happy New Year!

The Blue Zoo said...

Good Luck with your goals!