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Friday, December 4, 2009

Can A Blended Family Be That Cheesy?

Thanksgiving 2009
Downtown Memphis
Blended Family Style

Can't We All Just Get Along? Well...Some Of Us Can...

Chief With ALL His Boys Together First The First Time Since Hootie Was Born!
You Know That Called For Cheesy Matching Shirt Pictures....DUH

Chief's Ex-Wife, Too Short, And His Oldest Son, Eazy G,
Live Far Away From Us In North Carolina, But They Came For Thanksgiving
And Yes They Stayed With Us
And Yes We Get Along
And Yes FO' REAL Get Along, Not Fake Get Along!!

Mine, His, Mine, His....Ours...And Hers


I Swear We Don't Abuse Him. He Was Running On The Roof Of The Peabody While We Were Waiting On The Ducks To Walk Back Up The Elevator To Their Mansion and My Sweet Hootie Tripped On His Shoestring and Fell Flat On His Little Face!
I Have The Pictures To Prove It!

Ummm, They Don't Really Belong To Me.

We Had Christmas At Thanksgiving!

Eazy G and Hootie Meeting For The First Time!

I Think I've Just About Run Outta Pseudo Names For All Kidz...

I Am Sooo Happy They Came For Thanksgiving!

Too Short, BFF, and Tangled Mama
Got To Go Shopping On Black Friday
But Took ZERO Pictures So It Was Easier To Conceal The Tons Of
Christmas Contraband That Stuffed Our Trunk!

(That I payed for ALL In Change! Go Read About It!)



Georgina said...

All I can say is, "You are amazing!" I really think it is incredible that you all get along so well. It shows through in the photos - you can''t fake that! - G

The Blue Zoo said...

Thats great that you all get along so well! My parents divorced when I was real small. So Ive always had 2 dads. Who get along fabulously! Makes everything so much easier.

Unknown Mami said...

If cheesy means awesome, then yes!

adrienzgirl said...

It's so nice to see that there are families out there making the whole extended-blended-reshwizzled-family work!

TangledEutopia said...

Thanks! I made a decision a long time ago, to not be an evil new wife or step-mom and sometimes it's hard when it depends on the help of other people. I just always have to do what I think is right and hope for the best!

Anonymous said...

As part of this tangled new family, I love it. Beth, thank you for being the "different new” wife which an x wife has to deal with. I can honestly say that I do not dread the new wife syndrome that many x wives fear. I can proudly say I am honored to have this new blended family. Gotta love the "baby momma." Love ya Too Short.

TangledEutopia said...

Oh Wow! Thanks Too Short, for savin' these girls time from googling me to see if I'm bein' fo' real when I call my world "tangledeutopia"
You're helpin' to prove that there doesn't always have to be baby mama drama and now they also know I didn't photoshop you in either!!