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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What Was I Thinking Wednesday?


A time of Release, Relive, Repent...
A truth serum that will likely send noone to jail or have child protective services called.
Feel free to grab the button and get it off your chest (you know you need to)
but only if you don't worry we'll all think of you different....Enjoy!

 What Was I Thinking?...When I made the mistake of CALLING my daughter on her cell phone, as she slept upstairs to wake her up for school?

What Was I Thinking?...Getting off work at midnight and staying up to have an intimate "conversation" with my husband until 3 o'clock in the morning? Umm hello? I'm a Married Woman, so why do I feel guilty about that? Oh yeah, because going to bed at 3am makes you CALL your daughter to wake her up for school instead of walking upstairs to do it the right way...

What Was I Thinking?...Forgetting to go eat lunch with my son even after taking the time to ask him what he wanted me to bring him to eat.

 What Was I Thinking?...Telling my grandmother I would come back to finish the yard work I started...then not doing it. (Because I was to busy forgetting to go eat lunch with my son.)

What Was I Thinking?...When I decided NOT to take my almost 17 month old off the bottle because it hurts my heart when he cries for it.

Well that's about it. That's about all I have until I cross the line and you start thinking different of me.  If you enjoyed this and feel compelled, go ahead...Get it out.

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