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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Truthful Tuesday


Because I Rock Like That

Last night for dinner, I tried one of the Hungry Girl
Recipes...It didn't go over so well....
I guess my family doesn't like Fiber One Cereal Breaded Chicken...
Sorry HG, it tasted NOTHING like Chick Fil' A's
unless ofcourse, you eat out of their dumpster once a week...

I started my Yoga regimen...again. Well...actually....
I spent an hour getting dressed yesterday to head to the gym, when I realized I sold my old mat in my last yard sale. So Hootie and I headed to WallyWorld for a new one.

That made Chief laugh and tell me it reminded him about the hilarious post from
Hiding From The Kids (She calls herself Chief also.)
Go read her post about going to the gym. To Hell And Back
 I told him about her last week...Funny Stuff. Totally cracks me up!

BUT being honest....I rolled it out this morning, turned on the dvd AND actually participated in the workout unlike yesterday where I simply turned it on and laughed as Hootie tried to mimic the woman doing downward dog.


I was home all day yesterday with Hootie, so when Chief got home from work, I escaped!
My brother works at a hostel in Cooper/Young and they were having a pot luck. I ran by Starter Husband's Arabic Restaurant and grabbed food to drop off at Jack Blacks. (that's my bro. Seriously. I think the real Jack Black got his idea of being JB, from my brother. They're like twins fo' sho.)

On the way home I decided to stop at:
and I accidentally got lost for an hour. I could have stayed longer, but I'm obviously not allowed to leave the house for longer than 30 minutes unless it's to go to work, without every person in the entire family calling or texting. Hhhmmm, so nice to feel loved.

There must be a serious problem with me if I can't even make a CHIA PLANT grow....

NO. I'm not going to show you the pathetic picture of my 4 little herb babies without any herbs actually growing...Geez, get a life. Why would you want to look at a sponge that some company has painted brown to trick you into thinkin' it's actual dirt and might grow something.

You'd have to be crazy to put something like that in your windowsill...(And by the way, I spelled "windowsill" correctly incase you were wondering. I looked it up.)


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Freddae' said...

Hilarious statement about the dumpster at Chick-fil-A. Thanks for the giggle.

Secretia said...

The police check Borders when a person is reported missing.

adrienzgirl said...

Someone says Fiber One Cereal crusted chicken tastes like Chick-Fil-A and you believed them? Bwahahaha!

Hey Beth, I got some ocean front property to sell you!

I kid, I kid. Too funny!

Unknown Mami said...

Mmm, fiber chicken.