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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Top 1 Reason To Remember: You Are Always Being Watched...

Miss Talks-A-Lot has gone to a fall retreat with our church. I'm super excited about how cool the youth group is at our church. They call it Axis and you can click on the picture to check them out.

Why am I a bad Mom?
Because this girl is over an hour away at her retreat and she calls.
This is the conversation that ensued:

Missy T:  "Mom."

Me:  "Hi Baby. Whatcha doin? Are you having fun?"

Missy T:  "Yeah, we're waiting on dinner. Thanks for packing my brown boots, but I wanted the ones I can wear outside, not my brown house-slipper boots."

Me:  "I'm sorry. Just pretend they are for outside. They have hard soles."

Missy T:  "So Mom. Did you flip somebody off at play practice one of the times you were chaperoning?"

Me:  "Ummm, No."

Missy T:  Did you tell someone to 'Read Between The Lines'?"

Me: *Giggling*  "Ummm, Yes."

Missy T:  *Laughing Hysterically*  "Mooooooom, did you really?" Then she says,  "I'm sitting here with Sydney, who told me, and I was trying to defend you!!!"

Me:  "Well, they were being brats and they wouldn't shut up."

Missy T: "OMG, mom. I was trying to defend you!"

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Michele said...

"Read between the lines." That is too funny!!! You have absolutely made my night!!! :-)

adrienzgirl said...

Flipping people off is our family sign of affection!

Seriously, it's the way we say love you at my house!