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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Did You Really Just Do ALL That For A Crappy Giveaway?

Wouldn't it be easier AND more appealing if mom bloggers who did giveaways and contests made contest rules simple:

Example Rule: Follow me on every social site I'm on AND leave a creative comment telling me you're following and how bad you want it.


Send me a link to your blog showing me a post you write where you make a total arse of yourself by begging and pleading for my measly $20 Starbucks Gift Card...

Maybe I'm being a bit Cynical tonight? 

I don't really enter many giveaways because I always feel like I have a dog leash around my neck while panting like a dog to his owner by jumping through 20 hoops.....

Want a better way to build traffic to your blog
and get your stats up?

Ask your readers a question and tell them the answer is hidden in one of your previous 254 posts and to win, they have to visit every page until they find it....And be the first to comment the answer.


You've lured your readers into diving straight where you want them. You want them to read your posts. You want them to know you. You want them to form a relationship with you, and hopefully you want to NOT just use them as a numbers game.


You could just forget everything I said and ask them to pick a number between 1-1000....



Georgina said...

That is a totally brilliant idea! Seriously, what a much more interesting way to win than to have to do this, that and the other thing. And at the end of doing this that or the other thing, does anyone really know your blog any better? No. This way they do and they can decide if they really want to come back. I want readers who come to my sight because they enjoy it, not because they might win a prize. Awesome idea. I hope it catches on! You could call it a blog scavenger hunt. - G

TangledEutopia said...

Ooohhh Sista! I think you might be on to something!!

Valerie Neal said...

I got excited a couple of weeks ago when I stumbled on some giveaways. When I realized I had spent hours posting, tweeting, FBing and all that you know what I was well, upset. My time is worth so much more than the product I was trying to win, I would have saved money by simply purchasing the product myself.

I am hoping to do a few review and giveaways and I thank you for giving me food for thought. I think I may just ask a few questions (personal ones ya know) and if they are brave enough to enter then they deserve a chance to win!!!!

Valerie Neal said...

OOOPS just saw the SITS button, leavin' extra Love here!!!