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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tutorial: The Hot Glue Gun Ate My Ornaments

Among A Thousand Other Things I Did This Thanksgiving Weekend That I'll Blog About Later...

I Made This!!!
What A Crappy Blogger I am
To Not Remember To Take Pictures During The Process!
  Remember To Bookmark The Blog I Got The Idea From...

I Remember She Got It From

BHG.COM And It Looked Like This:


I Also Made These...

Which Came From My Head, Not A DotCom...
I'll Get The Stinkin' Tutorials Up, Promise...


Has Everybody BUT ME Heard About This?

I'm so behind. It's been a long weekend!
I Just Found Out About This Cool Stuff.....



Did You Really Just Do ALL That For A Crappy Giveaway?

Wouldn't it be easier AND more appealing if mom bloggers who did giveaways and contests made contest rules simple:

Example Rule: Follow me on every social site I'm on AND leave a creative comment telling me you're following and how bad you want it.


Send me a link to your blog showing me a post you write where you make a total arse of yourself by begging and pleading for my measly $20 Starbucks Gift Card...

Maybe I'm being a bit Cynical tonight? 

I don't really enter many giveaways because I always feel like I have a dog leash around my neck while panting like a dog to his owner by jumping through 20 hoops.....

Want a better way to build traffic to your blog
and get your stats up?

Ask your readers a question and tell them the answer is hidden in one of your previous 254 posts and to win, they have to visit every page until they find it....And be the first to comment the answer.


You've lured your readers into diving straight where you want them. You want them to read your posts. You want them to know you. You want them to form a relationship with you, and hopefully you want to NOT just use them as a numbers game.


You could just forget everything I said and ask them to pick a number between 1-1000....


Monday, November 23, 2009

All About MeMe Monday

for today's MeMe Monday!

Today we're talkin' bout:

Now...who should I make mad by not including in my Thankful post? 

It's not my fault...I didn't make the rules. The ladies obviously know I'm ADHD and OCD and can only handle 4 of anything at a time....

So. Should I be SERIOUS or HILARIOUS???

Yeah, So...

1. Thankful That isn't in style anymore...

2.Thankful I'm smart enough to teach my kids to clean the house!

3.Thankful I've Trained My Husband

4. Thankful Once A Month I Have The Option Of Using This As An Excuse:

(Even When I Feel Fine)

Okay Okay, I'll Stop Being So Serious and And Give You The Good Stuff:

I'm Thankful For:

2. I'm thankful I have Her in my life!

3. I'm Thankful I Worship In A Place Like This Every Week:

4. And I'm Really Thankful That I Got One Of These:

So I Can Do This:


DIY Faux Boxwood Letter Wreaths

Lindsay has some of the cutest ideas!!!

Go Check out this one! Makes me sooo ready for the holiday season!

DIY Faux Boxwood Letter Wreaths


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Top 1 Reason To Remember: You Are Always Being Watched...

Miss Talks-A-Lot has gone to a fall retreat with our church. I'm super excited about how cool the youth group is at our church. They call it Axis and you can click on the picture to check them out.

Why am I a bad Mom?
Because this girl is over an hour away at her retreat and she calls.
This is the conversation that ensued:

Missy T:  "Mom."

Me:  "Hi Baby. Whatcha doin? Are you having fun?"

Missy T:  "Yeah, we're waiting on dinner. Thanks for packing my brown boots, but I wanted the ones I can wear outside, not my brown house-slipper boots."

Me:  "I'm sorry. Just pretend they are for outside. They have hard soles."

Missy T:  "So Mom. Did you flip somebody off at play practice one of the times you were chaperoning?"

Me:  "Ummm, No."

Missy T:  Did you tell someone to 'Read Between The Lines'?"

Me: *Giggling*  "Ummm, Yes."

Missy T:  *Laughing Hysterically*  "Mooooooom, did you really?" Then she says,  "I'm sitting here with Sydney, who told me, and I was trying to defend you!!!"

Me:  "Well, they were being brats and they wouldn't shut up."

Missy T: "OMG, mom. I was trying to defend you!"

Our church is included in a group of churches planted across the country, that really take a fresh and relevant view on living your life as a Christian in today's world. To find one of these really awesome, forward-thinking churches, check out the


Shut Yo' Mouth Saturday

20 Stress-Free Ways, The UNTANGLED Girl Prepares For Thanksgiving

 1. Call your local HoJo and reserve a room. (This should be atleast 20 minutes away, but still in a good area of town.)

 2. Be nice to your husband and pack his bag along with the kids bags. As an added testiment of love, you can even load them into the car.

 3. Turn your phone on silent and hide the laptop under the sofa cushion. (If you follow my rules, it won't
     matter that you've put the laptop in a dangerous spot because you won't have time to sit on the couch and
     risk crushing your only means of sanity.)

 4. Turn up your favorite Christmas music(ummm hello....I got it. I don't need you to tell me we're talkin'
      about Thanksgiving, mmmmkay?) and pull out granma's cookbook.  Set them next to the Clorox wipes
      and Mr. Clean.

 5. Take a 10 min. break and have some coffee. 
(What??? That was a lot to do in 5 steps...)

 6. Start in ONE room and ONE room only. This CANNOT be the living room or the bedroom because
     you run the risk of either sitting on the laptop or accidentally falling on the bed while trying to make it,
     and mysteriously falling asleep. For 4 hours...

 7. To kill 2 birds with one stone, I suggest starting in the kitchen. I've timed myself before. It takes exactly 2
     minutes to unload the dishwasher. Wipe down the counters with Clorox wipes, cut potatoes in half and
     put them on to boil. (You can peel them later, noone will know.) Get your turkey out of the fridge and
     set in sink.

 8. Plug in your vacuum and use attachment to "sweep" okay "suck" entire kitchen floor. Whatever. Don't tell
     me I'm the only one on the planet who does this...Put mop in the bathtub and run hot water to clean
     kitchen floors. (Ummm hello? The turkey is in the sink...) Pour Mr. Clean and proceed to mop.

 9. Move into the bathroom and decide you absolutely ARE NOT cleaning pee off the rim of the toilet
     and decide to clean the sink and tub instead, leaving the toilet for your husband.

10. Move into the living room and start picking up toys before remembering your coffee is getting cold.
11. ~
12. ~
13. ~
14. ~
15. Get back on track by taking the laptop cord and putting it in your car. Don't forget to lock the doors.

16. Clean the rest of the house, throw a load of laundry in before remembering your favorite show is
      about to start.

17. ~
18. ~
19. ~
20. Take a shower and crawl into bed at 8pm. (Something you haven't been able to do in the past ten
      years because it takes 2 hours to get the kids ready for bed and the kitchen straightened before
     you finally throw yourself in the bed sometime after 11pm.)

    You need plenty of rest before tomorrow, because it  takes a  lot of energy  to listen to your husband         whine and moan when you tell him the turkey is ready to be seasoned and  thrown in the oven.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tangled In Skype Land

This has got to be one of the best posts!

I'm soooo NOT jealous AND I'm soooo NOT bitter I didn't think of it first....

Cuz there's no shame in my game of steal THAT MAMA'S IDEA...it just makes for a bigger blogosphere...

So go on over and check out Supahmommy and Mommy's In The Bathroom to see what I'm talking about, then come on back and EMAIL me if you're game!

The Brady BunchImage via Wikipedia

In the meantime, I'm gonna use my highly intelligent brain to figure out how to Party Line everybody Brady Bunch style...know what I mean??? Two cameras aren't enough for a Tangled Party....We gotta have 6 or 9 Mama's goin' at once!!

If you don't have Skype, you can download it FREE .
Click here to get your unique SkypeIn number

or by clicking on the picture:

The JetsonsImage via Wikipedia
And just b/c I'm fully aware that some who read this might be a few crayons short of a full box....I feel the need to say the following:

If you don't have a webcam, Skypein'
would just be talking to you on the phone with no Jetson's action goin' on and.you'd still be able to lie about what you're wearing...

just sayin....

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm So Freakin' Cool To Pass This On To You....

Tangled loves her some Lifehacker! 
And Tanlged is soooo in Holiday Mode!  
I'm constantly thinking about gifts and love around this time of year, so when I came across this article by Kevin, I knew I wanted to pass it on! 

Enjoy! And send me one of those gift cards...

Hone Up on Gift Card Tricks and Traps for the Holidays
The default gift for the picky, the not-well-known, and the indecisive, gift cards are available for just about every store. Consumer Reports reminds holiday shoppers of many traps, but also some new protections, available to gift card buyers and spenders.
Photo by robinsonsmay.
Seemingly simple gift cards often have a lot of rules and stipulations attached, some of which reduce the value of the card and restrict when and on what the balance can be used. Consumer Reports' Shopping & Money blog points out two catches worth noting this year:
  • When buying a gift card from an individual merchant, be sure to ask if the card is valid for online use. While it's not an issue for most retailers, some companies such as CVS, T.J. Maxx, and Marshall's do not allow their gift cards to be used online, Bankrate says.
  • The federal Credit CARD Act pertaining to gift cards takes effect on Feb. 22, and the regulations require that the cards remain valid for at least 5 years, unless that information is clearly disclosed on the card. Dormancy, or inactivity, fees will still be allowed after 12 consecutive months of inactivity.
The post also reminds gift card holders to never give up—some stores will take an "expired" card as a gesture of good will toward shoppers.
What gift cards will you absolutely avoid at all costs this year? Which cards aren't all that painful to give or receive? Gather 'round the hearth in the comments.

Send an email to Kevin Purdy, the author of this post, at kevin@lifehacker.com.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Friends

Christmas Friends: "

It is countdown week for all of the new Papertrey goodness, and I am back today to share with you my projects using Tiffany Pastor’s new set “Christmas Friends.”

Christmas Friends is essentially a Christmas set of fun images and flourishes and a nice grouping of sentiments. Sort of a one stop shop for Christmas images which include ornaments, birds, bows and flourishes. Here is a card I made using a bold red and white color scheme. This along with a couple of rounded corners gives the images a more MOD look.


If you are creative with these images, you can also think beyond Christmas. The “Friends” sentiment really helps out a lot in taking this set to a year-round go to set.


I did some unconventional things here. I stamped the bird and cut it out, along with trimming off the tail feathers. This allowed me the opportunity to use a flourish as feathers. I also drew in long legs using a straight edge and a brown prismacolor pencil. I then colored the feathers with prismacolor pencils and used odorless mineral spirits and a blending stump to soften and blend the colors together. I then finished the card with a home made embellishment using the Marvy flower punches and some festive Martha Stewart glitter. Who would have thought that a card like this came from a Christmas set. I hope you liked what you have seen all of this week! Any favorites or must-haves for you?

Hop on over to Tiffany’s blog to see what she has done with her new set!


Christmas Card:

Stamps: Christmas Friends (Due out tomorrow)

Paper: Stamper’s Select White, Pure Poppy

Ink: Pure Poppy

Other: Corner Rounder punch, dimensionals, Vintage Buttons (Pure Poppy)

Friends of a Feather Card

Stamps: Christmas Friends-(due out tomorrow)

Paper: Stamper’s Select White, Hibiscus Burst, Summer Sunrise, Dark Chocolate

Ink: Dark Chocolate, Summer Sunrise

Other: Prismacolor Pencils, oderless mineral spirits, Marvy Flower Punches, Martha Stewart Glitter, Vintage Buttons, SEI buttons



Worst Gift Idea Ever

Worst Gift Idea Ever: "

Yeah. Thanks for the suggestion, but a time out stool is a terrible Christmas gift.

'Here ya go, Sonny! Now you can be punished in STYLE! Whoo hoo!'

And 'cherished forever'?


Surely you're joking.

On second thought, maybe this IS a good idea. I'll get my boys each a time out stool, a toilet brush and broom and some lumps of coal for their stockings.

Christmas shopping done!