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Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's been going on in the land of TangledEutopia?

Truthfully? I've been trying to be SuperWoman! Because of my addiction to all things Cheap, I gave myself a Site Makeover that turned chaotic. But what's new? Everything I touch turns chaotic. I'm like a Bull in a China store...

I just can't help being the kinda girl who likes to understand WHY I do things even though Blogger makes it easy by just showing you HOW.

In my OCD mind, it drives me crazy everytime I think of the other women bloggers who've "gotten it." However it's happened, however they've learned...they've learned. And that gives them an edge. They have something to offer.

They aren't just logging on and vomiting at the mouth about how their 3 year old learned how to color inside the lines. Or how you...ahem....spray painted your 16 month olds faux hawk hot pink...(by the way, that picture just looks like my offspring, I really found this on the internet to drive my point home....whatever. Stop laughing. We all know it's Hootie. And we all know that I will never stop posting about crap my babies do.)

**Stay tuned for the "color inside the lines" post in about a year.....**

Now, back to my subject...I finally finished editing the coding enough to get my site back up and running. There are tons of bugs I want to work out, but it has to a process if I continue my quest...okay addiction....to learning to do things myself.

Anyone that knows anything about html coding, can look at my site and see the mistakes that are still profound.
But I assure those of you....that me and w3schools.com are tight. 
We talk on a daily basis and as frustrated as I get, we're gonna make this relationship work.

Next order of business?  

Getting down and dirty with the other bloggers I've been conspiring with to form a team. There are so many facets to learning how to UNTANGLE our crazy, chaotic, hormone induced, rushed, stressed lives that I am more determined to pull an Oprah and monopolize on the niche of living an UnTangledEutopian Life...

Wanna know the awesome epiphany I've had?

It's the same misconception that people have when deciding to make that leap into becoming a Christian...People think they have to wait until they are perfect to step up to the plate and ask to be a part of God.

That is SO wrong. God wants you just the way you are. He wants you so He can show you just how OK you are right now. Only then can you begin to fix the issues that have plagued your mind for so long.

The same goes for starting a new site on learning how to UNTANGLE your world. Your world doesn't have to be perfect in order to give advice or teach other women what you've found. That's why I am so very excited about this group of women I've been talking with. We are all really really...did I say really?? IMPERFECT and REAL.

Each one has an insight into a different topic. More importantly, each one is willing to learn. Not only about themselves, but about their own comfort zones.

I'm looking for extremely shy women to write on the topics that scare them the most. 
I'm looking for really opinionated women to write on topics that make them see ideas in a new light. 
I'm looking for women that wonder if their life has lost it's meaning because they spend their days cleaning up poop and folding laundry to write on topics about women who've made it to the other side. They've formed companies or finished college.

I'm looking not just to form a group of women that help transform our readers. 
More importantly, I'm looking for a group of women who pull together and transform themselves! 

That's a tall order, I know. That will mean the Life UnTangled site may grow to 100 writers. But that's 100 women who don't know or understand the potential of their own minds yet.

What about you? Is there a boundary you've not been able to break through? Is there a comfort zone that's kept you comfortable? Do you know there's better out there, but just don't know how to find it?

Every single word up there......Is me......Was me.....Will be me.  There are challenges I've overcome. There are challenges I'm struggling with. There will be more in the future.

What do you have to overcome? What could you offer the Life UnTangled site?


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