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Friday, October 23, 2009

Support Girldles Revisited

As I settle into my midnight shift at work, I start catching up on email and all the posts I've missed in my Reader. One of my very favorite bloggers, Laurie from Tip Junkie, wrote a post about What NOT to do when you're a new blogger. The very first thing her writer touched on was exactly along the same line of thinking as what I wrote earlier here.

In a round-about way, she wrote:  Don't be "Blenvious," (okay, not really the word she used but the word sounds silly to me in the first place, so why not make up my own silly word) but instead be happy that another blogger is experiencing something good in their life.

Remember everyone has good days and bad days.

You just might happen to be reading a good post in a time that you're having a bad day!

Feel good for her and let it give you inspiration instead of tearing you down and making you feel worse!

I promise I promise I promise: There will be a day that everything seems to be going right in your life and your words will inspire another.
In honor of Support Girldles everywhere, I give you my favorite positive posts of the day!

The Girls over at The Blog Rollers are featuring strong women bloggers! Go Be One Of Them!

Really Excited about this one! My Girl over at All The Weigh lost 7.6lbs this week! You Go Girl!!

Judy over at Coffee Jitters writes her sweet baby girl a letter a month. (Remind you of anything I've written lately?)
Go check these girls out and tell 'em TangledEutopia sent ya!



Secretia said...

Read a lot, write a little.

DiPaola Momma said...

Laurie talked about this same subject at SITScation in Vegas over the weekend (pause for a screaming I HEART LAURIE fit). I did this for a very long time. It's just been a while now that I let it go and remembered that I started blogging because I love to write, I can make people laugh and a blog is a tool I can use to help others. I still get it now and then, I'm human after all. That said the PERFECT way to get over that is to do what YOU did here and celebrate the achievements of my favorite and even NEW bloggers! thanks!!!!

TangledEutopia said...

Is this thing on??