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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The KKK Part

*Sorry, but this is the part of my "going to the doctor", post where I have to side track just for a second and forget what I wrote above, about letting events effect me...and VENT about what happened BEFORE I even saw the doctor...*

**Feel free to take off your seat belts and walk
about the cabin if you don't care to hear the bi-polar part of my post.**

 So I'm mindlessly flipping through magazines.
Flip, put it down. Flip, pick up the next. I grab the Memphis Magazine, (which I loved until today) and as I'm flipping, I turn to the page to see that all to common negative stereotype of the south.
The White Sheet Hood.
The very stereotype that we, in the south, can never seem to get away from.
And I stop dead in my tracks.
My heart skips a beat before sinking to the pit of my stomach.
It's him! I know him....

Let me backtrack to give a little history. When I first met Chief there were a couple of statements we each felt we needed to make. Just to clear the air. To get things in order. From myself, knowing he was a "good ol' country boy," I felt the need to explain to him that my ex-husband of 7 years was Arabic. And. Muslim. Which meant my children are HALF Arabic. (But ALL Christian.) So if he ever felt the need to make "Bin Laden" jokes, he would be making them not only about my ex, but my children as well, and our relationship would not withstand. I don't take that lightly.

Chief felt the need to explain to me that his mother had worked doing the books for a big time strip club owner in Memphis, who was sent to prison. She still visited him and helped with his legal process while incarcerated. During these visits she was introduced to a man with KKK ties, who was serving a twelve year sentence for the burning of a white church. (Ummm, hello? What sane woman would find that attractive? Well...I guess a woman who was helping a strip club owner in prison. Sorry, don't mean to talk bad about my M-I-L, but come on girls....We should love ourselves more than that.) She started a relationship with this man who was 19 or so years her junior. You Go Cougar. They eventually married. But he ofcourse, was not faithful once released. Chief wanted me to know this because he felt it was important that I know he did not have the same views, nor did he condone the beliefs of his new step-father who just happened to be only 2 years older than him.

So while flipping through the Memphis Magazine, who do I see?
The step-dad!
(who is divorced from M-I-L now, but they're relationship is twisted and they are essentially still involved even though he has made it clear that he has other girlfriends.)
Again...come on girls...self-esteem

The magazine is running an article on his "former" life of being in the KKK and the sick deeds he performed to make it all the way to "Grand Dragon."
Who cares?

Now for the VENT part....

Why would ANYone in their right mind want to write an article about this?
He's been in the news some for filing a lawsuit against a county that wouldn't give him a construction bid.
He claims it is because of his past.
I say GOOD. I know this man. Do I know him on a daily basis? No.
Have I met him a handful of times and can now form an opinion that he is a filthy mouthed scumbag? Yes.

This man received a law degree while in prison. He wrote a memoir and self-published it.
I've never murdered anyone.
I've never burned down a church.
I've never had more than a speeding ticket.
 But do I get the luxury of a Law Degree for FREE?
He is aweful to Chief's mom.
And she puts up with it.

What an embarrassment! I'm sure anyone who is visiting and just happens to pick up that magazine will think it is common practice for Memphis to routinely publish articles about former KKK members as if it were accepted! I assure YOU it is NOT.

"Thanks for letting me vent...You may return to your seats now, put your tray in the upright postion and enjoy the rest of the post."