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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Was Gonna....

I WAS GONNA:  Spank Hootie's Butt the other day when we were playing the "What's A Puppy Say, What's a Kitty Say, What's ______ Say?" Game, because  I asked him "What's Uncle Shane Say?" and out of his little 16 month old mouth he answered: "Shut Up!" But I knew it was his big brother's fault, so all I could do was laugh....

I WAS GONNA: Write A Post about the beautiful weekend I had giving Miss Talks-A-Lot THE BEST 12 year old birthday make-over, but decided I'll wait until I have all the pictures uploaded!

I WAS GONNA:  Come to work for my midnight to 8am shift on Saturday like I normally do, but realized ONLY after I drove ALL the way to work, that I was on VACATION!!!

I WAS GONNA:  Tell You how FANTABULOUSLY HOT I feel in my new Old Navy Yoga Pants, but decided that would make me look kinda dorky because after all....THEY ARE ONLY YOGA PANTS?!?!

I WAS GONNA: Get busy on the article writing I've been neglecting, but just can't seem to get motivated OR get my mind out of 1st person mode...

I WAS GONNA: Try To Sleep Some While At Work Tonight because as soon as I get off I have to go home, change, get to church, and afterwards drive over to A-R-K-A-N-S-A-S for a good ol' country FAMILY REUNION before driving back and trying to get some sleep just to get back up for work again at midnight....but....My Psyche never seems to let me sleep sitting up in a chair with 20 Police, Fire, and Weather computers nestled around me....

I WAS GONNA:  Tell You How Much I Really Love My Husband Right Now, but there's no need. HE KNOWS AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS.

I WAS GONNA:  Admit that I've Eaten a small bag of Cheetos AND a York Peppermint Pattie tonight because those are my 2 FAVORITE Snacks in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, but decided against it because then you would know I'm not perfect....Wouldn't Wanna Burtst Your Bubble Or Anything....

I WAS GONNA: Go On A STARBUCKS Strike, But those Crappy Barista's (that I love) kept handing me Free Coupons for Free Drinks everytime I walked past them in the mall this weekend.....

What Were YOU GONNA DO??  Before You:
Changed Your Mind
Decided Against
Woke Up And Smelled The Coffee??

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1 comment:

Frugal Vicki said...

Okay, so you are dealing with shut up. My sweet sweet sweet almost three year old son was sitting on the potty the other day (he is in training) and all I could hear was a broken record of Da**it. Over and over and over. I wanted to kill my hubby