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Monday, October 5, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

Haven't Posted Friend Makin' Monday In A While!
I'm going to veer off subject a little and Host My Own Topic!

If you've never participated in FMM, go check out Kasey's page for details!  

Today's Topic:


Sometimes WE as women get stuck in seasons of negativity when it comes to Ourselves.
It becomes so easy to focus on the things that aren't going right in our lives because much of the time they blare us right in the face on a daily basis.

For A Change of Pace today, Instead of being Grumpy that it's a Monday
Get a little Stingy. A little Selfish. A little Egotistical.

(I promise God won't mind. He wants you to love yourself as much as He loves you!)


**And just let me say: If I get one stinkin' email from one stinkin' family member to dispute how nice I'm about to say I am, you'll get no dinner....kids or whatever else you ask for....husband**

1.  I Have Great Common Sense

2.  I Love That I Can Always See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel. Any Tunnel.

3.  I'm Proud That I Worry About And Work On,
    The Type Of Grown-Ups My Children Will Become Once I kick Push Them Into The Real World.

4.  I Take Pride That I've Done Anything Needed To Have A Good Relationship With My
    Starter Husband So My Kids Can Have A Good Relationship With Their Daddy.

5.  I Love That I'm Not A Typical Woman.
     I Don't Settle.
     I Don't Play The Shop/Hide Game
     I Am Able To Apologize

6.  I Love That I Possess The Trait Of Realism.

7.  I Love That I OVER-ANALYZE

8.  I Really Do Make Beautiful Kids. Umm Hello?? Have You Seen Them???  

9.  I Love That I Am Outgoing Yet Grounded. I'll Never Let Fame Go To My Head...

10. Most Important, I Love That I Know The Importance Of GOD In My Life.
I May Worry.
I May Vent.
I May Cry.
I May Reflect.
But I ALWAYS Know, At Some Point I'm Handing It Over.
Because I Know I AM NOT In Control.
And Because Of That, I Have Peace.

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading my post and go make your own TOP 10!
And if you find it hard to stay completely positive....you got issues....Do it anyway and see how much better you feel. Make sure you send me a link so I can send some Positive Bloggy Love!

Go On....Get Outta Here....