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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The 12 Year Old and Her The Belly Dancer Reunion

This is the coolest story EVER! Talk about some KARMA!!

When Miss Talks-A-Lot was 2, her daddy and I took her to eat at a Russian restaurant. There just happened to be a belly dancer there. Her name was Jasmine, and Missy T fell in love!

She talked about this lady for 2 solid years after their chance meeting.
We would turn the television off just to watch her perform her "belly dance" moves...

Over the years with each ensuing birthday, I've asked Missy T to have an "Arabic" themed birthday because she is infact Arab and it seemed appropriate. But Missy T wasn't like most girls. She was never into Disney Princesses. Never wanted an "Arab" theme party.

That was...until this year! While at the fair in September, she had some henna done. To her surprise, it lasted about 2 weeks! That's when she came to me and finally said the words I'd longed to hear....

I want a henna party. (Well, I didn't long for those exact words, but I knew what she meant!)

My very first thought (10 years later) was: JASMINE!!!

Oh wait...How would I ever find her? I had not seen her since that night 10 years ago. I had not a clue as to what her last name was or how to go about finding her.

But then it happened.....

I was at work one night. It was about 4am. I went outside to grab the newspaper, and as I was reading....

There she was!! An article about a lady named Jasmine who teaches at the community center just minutes from my house. She was giving a performance later in the week. I ran back down stairs to Google her, knowing if I could find a picture, I'd be able to tell from memory if it was the same one.

And it was!! I emailed her right away, telling her my story. She replied within a day and below, you'll see what we worked out!

Let me just say how incredibly gracious this woman was for not thinking I was some lunatic stalking her after 10 years! She was wonderful to the girls and gave Missy T a birthday to remember!!

And by the way....BFF and I have signed up for Belly Dancing Lessons in Novemeber!!!


Missy T before the party


Hootie helping mommy make the cake. (Ofcourse, doing his part to keep the enviroment clean)

It turned out to be a very sad day in the TangledEutopia house. The cake turned out really, I mean really bad. But Kroger saved the day!!! Thank you bakery lady for having 4 tickets infront of me and still whipping up a sky blue 1/2 sheet cake in an hour! I love you for that!!!


Runs With Scissors waiting patiently for the action to begin.

He was soooo in to this! Can you believe it? (Really, it was just a way to get close to the cute belly dancer)


 Even daddy and granma got in, on the action!!

She spent about 15 minutes teaching the kids a small routine.

BFF really got into the swinging hips movement....

           They really enjoyed themselves!

After the lesson, Jasmine gave us a special dance.

Hootie loved the show! But he missed his mama because I didn't get to see him all day!


They all took some awesome pictures!!!


We had really really good Arabic food from Starter Husband's restaurant. ( He has an international market and restaurant with his brothers.)

We ate, had cake, opened presents before going out for our Hilarious Scavenger Hunt!!  Go check out the next post, HERE to see the crazy stuff these girls did!



moonduster said...

Looks like it was a really fun party!

I've been wanting to sign up for belly dancing lessons for ages!

Georgina said...

I enjoyed these posts so much! You really had me going with the tatoo thing. I thought, "Uh-oh. I really like this blogger but I'm not sure about tattoos for kids." So, thank goodness the joke was on me! You are a really cool Mom and I love that you involve your whole family (ie. the ex) in your daughter's life. And I love getting henna done too, especially on my feet. Thanks again for a great read. Have an awesome weekend! - G

Theta Mom said...

What a fun party! Looks like an awesome time had by all. :) Following you on twitter, what a cute blog!!!

Secretia said...

Belly dancing is a new erotica, but it kills the ab muscles in the beginning, you'll see! have fun.

Secretia (Secret Story Time)