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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why You Shouldn't Let Redneck Husbands Drive Home From Work Alone....

Poor Chief had a horrible day on Thursday!
He was driving home from work and a tire blew on the trailer he was using to carry dirt to my aunt's new house. He called for me to bring him some tools since he was just down the street.

This turned into one of the biggest most hilarious Redneck Ordeals I've ever seen! I thought it better to explain in pictures and video!!
So get ta scrollin!
(And forgive the crappy quality of my cell phone camera even though it's a cool phone)

Chief taking the tire off and mama trying to protect him by blocking the lane with my truck.
Sprint PictureMail

School was just letting out and traffic was heavy, but the really sweet security guards kept the flashers on and even put their bodies and cones in the street to veer traffic over.
 Sprint PictureMail

Chief relieved me of duty and advised his other Redneck friend was coming to help.
Sprint PictureMail

A few minutes after returning home, Chief called again to say he had pulled into the church next to where the tire blew and requested the Bobcat Key. Sprint PictureMail

For those that don't know,
**Rednecks like to keep keys around to heavy equipment
because they are universal. But I still had no idea why he needed it.**

This is what I saw when I pulled in. One Redneck Wife bringing the Bobcat Key, 2nd Redneck Wife bringing 2nd Redneck, Older Redneck Truck, so 2nd Redneck wouldn't get Nicer Redneck Truck dirty.
Sprint PictureMail
Both Redneck Wives sit in respective trucks and watch Redneck husbands try to load 1st trailer onto 2nd trailer. (Tire and axel broke. Chief had to get it home where all his Redneck Tools were waiting.)
Sprint PictureMailSprint PictureMail

The church was doing a little remodeling to a grassy patch, so Chief decided to "borrow" their Bobcat. (I learned later that he indeed asked the church permission first, but I was nervous for a minute.)
And this is what happens when you give a Redneck a Bobcat....Go check out the video then come right back.... Tangled's You Tube

Unfreakin' believeable right?  I got to nervous and returned home. About 30 minutes later, both Redneck Boys pull up to the house with dirt on 2nd trailer and 1st trailer sitting on top of 2nd trailer.
Sprint PictureMailSprint PictureMail

Rednecks can accomplish anything, I swear....

And now go watch the other video of how they got the 1st trailer off the 2nd.
The noise was so loud,
it brought neighbors out of their houses from all over the neighborhood.
One woman came running down the street with 2 dogs.
I guess she thought there was an accident or something.
Freakin' hilarious....
Another guy actually got in his truck to drive down the street just to see if they needed any help.
Chief drove RIGHT THROUGH MY YARD. And what does Redneck #2 say? "Atleast you don't have to cut that part of your grass..."  GEEZ......Think I'm gonna go get some Landscaping Quotes!

Finally Chief got everything cleaned up outside
Sprint PictureMail

And was able to come in and get cleaned up inside. Hootie loves taking showers with daddy!
Sprint PictureMailSprint PictureMail

Moral of the story ladies: Rednecks GIT R' DONE


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