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Saturday, September 5, 2009


What a busy girl I've been!!
This has been an extremely positive week around our house.
( Another testament that God is Good AND Tithing is Good.)


**Missy T made SHOW CHOIR!!! Yea Baby!!

**Runs With Scissors came home with a referral letter to be tested for the INTELLECTUALLY GIFTED PROGRAM at school!!!!

I cried. And cried. Hello??

This is my baby. The one I write so many rip-my-heart-out-of-my-chest posts about his ADHD, his behavior, constant worrying about him, sneaking into his room to whisper-positive-thoughts-while-crying-and-praying-over-him.

Yeah, that one!
I mean really? Both my big kids in APEX?

Both Gifted?
(Well, I always knew, but to have OTHER people recognize what a mama sees, is always over the top!)

**I was offered a really great postion with Examiner.com

**At 6am yesterday morning,I received phone call from the Mayor of Memphis, who called me by name!! to tell me he woke up only to read the BEST EMAIL HE HAS EVER RECEIVED and to thank me for my work with our county Dept. of Homeland Security/EMA. Nice.

**Chief Lots-A-Kids was asked to play golf with his Director and Deputy Director, which is ALWAYS a good thing!
You Rock Hunny Bunny!!

**I was changing Hootie's diaper the other day and asked him if he was hungry and if he wanted something to eat and he said "CAR!!!" Uh-Oh... (And just for the record, we eat at the house every night. Well almost. But I have to say that since the big kids have been back in school, Hootie and I have been keeping the tires hot during the day. He is the best shopping buddy, especially for a mama that hates to shop!
I think he might be GENIUS material too!!!
And now for your viewing pleasure....
The other fun stuff mama and Hoot get to do when the big kids are away at school....

Hootie and Chocolate Pudding Finger Paint
(Thanks to Jon&Kate Plus8)
Finally figured out you can eat this stuff....
See the lovely hands ON THE WALL?
(I love his new plastic big boy pants!!)
And no, we're not already potty training at 14 months
but Some people, (I won't mention any names)
complain about me letting him run around without a diaper on because his skin is sensitive
so I emprovised.....And he LOVES the sound they make!


Faith Imagined said...

What a wonderful week! Congratulations on everything!!! I love the pictures too!!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Sounds like a fantastic week! I need one of those myself! :)