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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kids Are Kinda Important. Want Me To Prove It?

Here's a couple of situations that happened in my world over the last couple of weeks to prove I'm either off my meds, or I half-way love my kids.....

With the start of September, my schedule changed at work. (Yes, SAHMBloggers, I work outside the home. Otherwise, I'd be in jail for burying one of my family members in the backyard, therefore not having a computer to be able to blog, blog, blog.) So it changed. And I mean drastically. Because I work in Public Safety for my City/County, we are of course, open 24 hours a day. Being torn between wanting to spend time with Hootie during the day and being home when the kids get home from school, I chose to work 4 nights a week on the midnight shift. And can I just tell you, my aunt who is a sleep lab tech and works at night, was completely right when she said, "Six hours of sleep in the day is different than six hours of sleep at night." But I'm doing it. Sorta. I'm adjusting. Sorta.

My brain hasn't seemed to function as proficiently. I haven't been able to blog or write my articles because I simply can't form a thought longer than what is allowed on Twitter or Facebook. But I'll get it. Sorta. Sooner. Or. Later.....!?!

I've never been a huge fan of Chick Fil'A. I like their chicken enough to think about it once every 6 months. I hate their fries (or broccoli, as we call it in our house) always.
Can I just please say (to make myself feel better) that I assure you,
the whole time this was happening, I was fully aware that to some, the notion of setting up a tent in a fast food parking lot to win them a year worth of free food, is not what some might consider, being in the best interest of your kid. But (again, to make myself feel better,) if you break it down like I do in my over-analytical mind, it only equals to free food once a month. Fifty-two coupons divided by 3, sometimes 4 people, is roughly 17 weeks.

My thought process was this: (Like it or lump it.)

   (Support GIRLdle Valerie, Me and Hootie looking like CrizAp in the rain)

(Being such a good mom, giving Hootie a drink of my Sweet Tea)

There are so many times in our hurried world, that

A:  The kids deserve a treat. We have Chick Fil' A....
B:  It is simply more convenient, especially driving the hour and a half to and from the half-way point to pick up my step-son every other weekend. We have Chick Fil' A......
C:  You don't know what the future holds. What if we lose our jobs? What if all the grocery stores within a 50 mile radius get blown up by terrorists? We have Chick Fil'A.....

(Runs With Scissors, being himself and Valerie, who by the way, babysat him from the time he was 16 months old. LOVE YOU)

   (Valerie, Hootie, Runs With Scissors, Missy T, Neighbor Girl)

(This GUY walked up around 3am. He lived in the neighborhood near the restaurant and wanted to see what was going on. He said he dresses like that everyday....Can we say Rainbow Brite?)
This photo is really dark, but I took it on the down low by pretending just to "hold" my phone.....

(Me and Val at 6am. After a long night of chicken and LOVING our kids!!)