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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Does Her Blog Name mean She's An 80's Hair Girl Like Me???

Man I really wanna win this Day Planner! More importantly, I love love love Mom Bloggers Connecting!

Sometimes we forget how much power we have if we just do a little networking, have a little consistency, and utilize a little time management.

Isn't it sad that people who Don't Blog, Don't Get It??

I had a vinyl sticker made of my site to put across the back of my Envoy and people stop me all the time ( or roll down their window at a red light) to ask what "TangledEutopia" is!

So what do I do?

Network: I say "Thanks For Asking!" And then tell them they'll have to go there to find out!
Consistency: I always make sure there is something here for them to read once they take the time to come.
Time Management: I then Speed Off!! Move It People, I Got Places To Be, Things To Do, People To See!! 

So in the name of All Things Connection:
Go Connect. Now. Get A Move On.
Show The Girl Some Love.
(And while you're there....Tell her to pick ME)