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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do You Need Help?

Come on, we're women! Well, most of us anyway... As women we think. And think. And think. We blog, we have dreams of how we want our lives to be...so we come back and blog!! (If you're reading this and not feelin' me or where I'm comin' from, go take a break. Get ya some coffee and reflect...then come back.)
So, there are a couple of websites I've been following that have proven really useful for me since I've been in research mode lately!!  I notice that I seem to go back to these same sites over and over because I learn so much every single time! And now that I know I trust these sites, I hope you take some time and check them out! (And bookmark, then reflect....)


All things MONEY 
(Saving, High Interest Checking Accounts, College Funds Etc.)

kiplinger.com This site starts at money101 and helps you all the way through smart-money-mama.
money-rates.com This one does all the research for you when you are looking for the best rates for where to put your money.

Upromise.com   I feel really good about this site. You can link your debit card or credit card (even though I have none because I don't believe in credit cards) and even certain gift cards to this account. Everytime you shop and use the cards you have linked, it puts a percentage of your purchase into a college savings account for your kids!!! You can roll this money into a 529 also. And check out this cool feature: If YOU have a student loan you are still paying off, you can link YOUR student loan to this account.

moneysavingmethods.com   My newest and MOST favoritist (is that a word?) site in a long time!! She gives you true blue tips on everything from couponing, freebies, and deals around the web.

quickenonline.com   The absolute coolest way to see what is important in your life by where your money is going.

billshrink.com   I added this site even though the jury is still out. Basically it helps you budget better by having you input some simple info about your cell phone bill and vehicle. It calculates and compares different cell companies to make sure you have the best plan. It also tells you gas prices in your area and how you can save money based on the type of vehicle you own. The website seemed to run slow and I never got all the info because I got tired of waiting. I decided to tell you about it because there's always the possiblity my computer was running slow that day.

daveramsey.com   I love that Dave loves God. I love that he is no-nonsense when it comes to the idea of money and stead-fast in his teaching of learning to live debt free.

samaritanguide.com  Not sure why I care about others walk with God, but in my journey I give and I know I can't control what others do with my money after I give it to them. And I also know the most important thing about giving is what's in my heart. But saying that, this website has really helped to guide me.

All Things Home, Frugal and Family Life
CafeMom.com    Love This site! When you sign up, they send you an email telling you about other moms and events in your city!

tipjunkie.com   I get some of the coolest ideas from this girl! Readers send in tips and pictures of the great crafts they've made. Cool Site.

etsy.com  Homemade craigslist. You can look by color, by type, by location. Love this site!

amazon.com/todaysdeals   Come on? Hello? Who doesn't love Amazon?

thegrocerygame.com In my frugal quest, this has been a life saver!! I simply do not have time or WANT to sit every week and clip coupons or sift through 5 different grocery ads. This site makes it so easy!

adhdworld.com   I realize all of you won't need this site. But in my Tangled world, this is something that we struggle with in my family.

wikipedia.org   Come on, who doesn't love wikipedia?

lifehack.org   Awesome tips on....well, just about everything.

ripoffreport.com   Another great consumer website.

focusonthefamily.com    I'm constantly striving to keep my family from being another statistic. Whether you are a "first" family or a "blended" family, this site can help you remember to keep God first so your family wins!

All Things Writing & Blogging

problogger.net Umm hello? If you've never heard of ProBlogger, you have no idea what you are missing! The tips he gives bloggers who are serious about their blog is priceless!

examiner.com This site means business when they ask you to write for them! If you are looking for a way to improve your skill as a writer and make money doing it, check out this site Now!!

constantcontact.com   Another great way to make sure your followers know what you're writing!
commission junction (cj.com) A one stop shop for affiliate programs to add to your blog. Really easy to make money for your family and not go crazy trying to check each individual affiliate.

affiliates.readysite.com  Same as above with different affiliates

QuickAndDirtyTips.com. A really cute site I found by accident while looking up grammar of all things! Check out Grammar Girl. And what's great about it is that it's put out by MacMillan. You know, the company that writes our kids textbooks.



Michele said...

Great research! I have a resources page on my blog that I started and never finished. Guess I should get on it again.

Vicki said...

Really. Do I really need to think. I may end up crying again. Which is I guess a sign I need to do some more thinking!