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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Book Review: Fearless by: Max Lucado

Could you imagine living your life in complete peaceful faith?

In Max Lucado’s newest book, Fearless, he gives a wonderful viewpoint on learning to live through life’s difficult moments with less anxiety, less stress, less fear!

Lucado reminds us of the many passages in the Bible relating to fear. While there are times I am fearful of a situation at first, I’m slowly learning to remind myself I Am Not In Control!!! So I must admit, I do not live many moments in fear before I remember to give it to God and peace comes over me. Lucado’s book really gives timesless scenarios of those exact moments when we should hand it over.

While I couldn’t relate to all situations, there is a part in his book where he speaks about his brother dying. We’ve all dealt with death in one form or another. Here is a perfect example of not letting fear overtake our thoughts.

Although not my favorite Max Lucado book, I enjoyed being reminded how debilitating fear can make us. More important, I enjoyed the simple terminology he used to help guide us through. I recommend this book if you are struggling with facing your fears. Sometimes you just need a different way of seeing things!!

Fearless Imagine Your Life Without Fear Max Lucado.
Thomas Nelson, $24.99 (240p) ISBN 978-0-8499-2139-1

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stepfabulous said...

Wow, this is the second review of this book I have read. I cannot wait to dig into it. I'll have to make a trip to B&N tomorrow!