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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Does Her Blog Name mean She's An 80's Hair Girl Like Me???

Man I really wanna win this Day Planner! More importantly, I love love love Mom Bloggers Connecting!

Sometimes we forget how much power we have if we just do a little networking, have a little consistency, and utilize a little time management.

Isn't it sad that people who Don't Blog, Don't Get It??

I had a vinyl sticker made of my site to put across the back of my Envoy and people stop me all the time ( or roll down their window at a red light) to ask what "TangledEutopia" is!

So what do I do?

Network: I say "Thanks For Asking!" And then tell them they'll have to go there to find out!
Consistency: I always make sure there is something here for them to read once they take the time to come.
Time Management: I then Speed Off!! Move It People, I Got Places To Be, Things To Do, People To See!! 

So in the name of All Things Connection:
Go Connect. Now. Get A Move On.
Show The Girl Some Love.
(And while you're there....Tell her to pick ME)


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Super Mom Blogger # 219,000

Loved this simple little project Melissa did!

AND with a new 2 week old baby!

When Hootie was 2 weeks old,
I wasn't doing projects,
I was making the kids rub my feet and cook dinner!

Aaahhh, you know I'm kiddin'....Click on Melissa's button!


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Friday, September 25, 2009

Shut Yo' Mouth Saturday

What Defines You?
I'm either thinking to hard lately or not able to think at all, I can't tell. I haven't had writer's block and believe me, there's been plenty going on. Changing my sleep schedule has probably most definitely surely altered my thought process. But I've been in this mode lately of research.

And girls let me tell you...Research is not a good word for this OCD chick.
I get stuck on one thing and can't seem to get off!!!

I've been so wrapped up in Me MINE and I lately that the only blog exploring I've done is through my Reader. I came to work tonight with my usual list of things I want to accomplish now that I'm working such a quiet shift, but never really get done, when I yet again got stuck. But this time I got stuck on a blog which led to another blog, which led to 15 more. And I've realized something....

Almost Every Single "ABOUT ME" section of every blog I read, starts off the same way. Oh crap! I didn't go check MY "about me" section to see if I do the same thing here! (I've had to write so many bio's for so many new sites I've joined lately that SCOUTS HONOR, I've been aware of this whole "About Me" issue for a while. So what's my point?

Almost every single one I read starts like this:
"I'm a mom of...."
"I'm a thirty-something mom of....and have a wonderful husband..."
"I am a SAHM of 4 children..."

Do you see where I'm going with this?
Please don't misunderstand me.
I love my children.
 I love my husband. I love my hoarding poodle dog, (except when I find 4 pair of my panties under the babies crib of all places.)
But a long time ago in a church class, someone posed this question: What Defines You?

He went on to say that being a mom, a wife, a runner, a cook, a photographer, a daughter, or a friend is WHAT YOU DO, NOT WHO YOU ARE.
I've never forgotten those words.
What he meant is this:
So many times we subconciously direct our lives down paths
simply by how we perceive ourselves.
Simply by what we tell ourselves over and over.

Does it not make your shoulders feel an instant weight, or your chest systematically tighten when you read the same exact definition of so many mom bloggers over and over?

Sure you relate and sure that comforts you for a time. Yay, she has a screaming toddler who throws yogurt all over the wall. Yay, she can't seem to keep the family room clean either. Yay, she uses the word "crazy" and the word "tired."
But those statements shouldn't comfort us.
It should make us want better for ourselves.
No matter if you are a SAHM, WAHM, or you work outside of the house. (Is there an acromym for that??)
We should define ourselves first by not what we DO, but who we are.

By that I mean, what do you love?
What are your passions?
What were your dreams when you were in the 5th grade before discovering boys?

What BESIDES your husband or your kids, makes you SMILE?

Sweetie, honey, girlfriend....I spend so much of my life "researching" how to make my life less chaotic, my home more organized,(okay clean) my thighs a little skinnier, my diet tons healthier, my skin clearer, my hair shinier, my kids more well behaved, my husband more helpful, my mouth quieter, my coupons less complicated and my body less tired, that I NEVER seem to find the time to IMPLEMENT even half of whatever "A-HA" solution I've found.

I have tons of notebooks that have lists hidden between my daily lists, of every profound statement that "will surely change my life."

It doesn't matter that I have the SAME 24 HOURS as everyone else. We Mom Bloggers who have found a way to vent about how hectic or crazy our lives are, somewhere deep down thrive on being victims and losing ourselves in the name of raising valedictorians of the preschool class.

There are even some crazy moms out there who obviously think even though they have no official training, can teach their kid better at home while still maintaining a spotless house, dinner on the table, 3 mile jog, and sex twice a week with her doting husband. Umm, hello? I get it. There are violence, drugs, and NO GOD in public schools. I get it. I have felt the same way, so I promise I get it.

But do you understand, by us being so consumed with what others think about us, we really truly suffer privately? I'm not saying "don't homeschool." I even Very Recently talked to my own children about that possibility. I'm not saying give up soccer practice, swim lessons, cooking healthy or sex with your husband twice a week.


I'm telling you right now. I DO NOT want the overwhelming workload, the running of my house entails. i would love to have it ALL together. It makes me feel better to vent about my kid throwing yogurt on the wall. And my addiction to self-help media will probably never go away.

But as I'm telling you this, I'm also telling myself the same:

When are we going to STOP. Take a deep breath. Meditate.
Truly put ourselves first.
Honestly validate what makes us who we are?
Stop defining ourselves by what we do or who we do it for, and start doing for ourselves?

Because when I learn to do that, I promise you (and myself), our blogs will become boring for a while because they will not be consumed with trying to impress the blogosphere by our "honest reality" and we will stop ONLY uploading pictures of our spotless kitchens.

Our "ABOUT ME" sections will mysteriously go offline for a few minutes only to come back full of words like "I feel" or "I love" as the beginning and not the end!

**Wanna Join "Shut Yo' Mouth Saturday?"**
Just right click and save my button so you can paste it into your post and get to writin' your own controversy!!!

 Can't wait to read!



Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kids Are Kinda Important. Want Me To Prove It?

Here's a couple of situations that happened in my world over the last couple of weeks to prove I'm either off my meds, or I half-way love my kids.....

With the start of September, my schedule changed at work. (Yes, SAHMBloggers, I work outside the home. Otherwise, I'd be in jail for burying one of my family members in the backyard, therefore not having a computer to be able to blog, blog, blog.) So it changed. And I mean drastically. Because I work in Public Safety for my City/County, we are of course, open 24 hours a day. Being torn between wanting to spend time with Hootie during the day and being home when the kids get home from school, I chose to work 4 nights a week on the midnight shift. And can I just tell you, my aunt who is a sleep lab tech and works at night, was completely right when she said, "Six hours of sleep in the day is different than six hours of sleep at night." But I'm doing it. Sorta. I'm adjusting. Sorta.

My brain hasn't seemed to function as proficiently. I haven't been able to blog or write my articles because I simply can't form a thought longer than what is allowed on Twitter or Facebook. But I'll get it. Sorta. Sooner. Or. Later.....!?!

I've never been a huge fan of Chick Fil'A. I like their chicken enough to think about it once every 6 months. I hate their fries (or broccoli, as we call it in our house) always.
Can I just please say (to make myself feel better) that I assure you,
the whole time this was happening, I was fully aware that to some, the notion of setting up a tent in a fast food parking lot to win them a year worth of free food, is not what some might consider, being in the best interest of your kid. But (again, to make myself feel better,) if you break it down like I do in my over-analytical mind, it only equals to free food once a month. Fifty-two coupons divided by 3, sometimes 4 people, is roughly 17 weeks.

My thought process was this: (Like it or lump it.)

   (Support GIRLdle Valerie, Me and Hootie looking like CrizAp in the rain)

(Being such a good mom, giving Hootie a drink of my Sweet Tea)

There are so many times in our hurried world, that

A:  The kids deserve a treat. We have Chick Fil' A....
B:  It is simply more convenient, especially driving the hour and a half to and from the half-way point to pick up my step-son every other weekend. We have Chick Fil' A......
C:  You don't know what the future holds. What if we lose our jobs? What if all the grocery stores within a 50 mile radius get blown up by terrorists? We have Chick Fil'A.....

(Runs With Scissors, being himself and Valerie, who by the way, babysat him from the time he was 16 months old. LOVE YOU)

   (Valerie, Hootie, Runs With Scissors, Missy T, Neighbor Girl)

(This GUY walked up around 3am. He lived in the neighborhood near the restaurant and wanted to see what was going on. He said he dresses like that everyday....Can we say Rainbow Brite?)
This photo is really dark, but I took it on the down low by pretending just to "hold" my phone.....

(Me and Val at 6am. After a long night of chicken and LOVING our kids!!)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do You Need Help?

Come on, we're women! Well, most of us anyway... As women we think. And think. And think. We blog, we have dreams of how we want our lives to be...so we come back and blog!! (If you're reading this and not feelin' me or where I'm comin' from, go take a break. Get ya some coffee and reflect...then come back.)
So, there are a couple of websites I've been following that have proven really useful for me since I've been in research mode lately!!  I notice that I seem to go back to these same sites over and over because I learn so much every single time! And now that I know I trust these sites, I hope you take some time and check them out! (And bookmark, then reflect....)


All things MONEY 
(Saving, High Interest Checking Accounts, College Funds Etc.)

kiplinger.com This site starts at money101 and helps you all the way through smart-money-mama.
money-rates.com This one does all the research for you when you are looking for the best rates for where to put your money.

Upromise.com   I feel really good about this site. You can link your debit card or credit card (even though I have none because I don't believe in credit cards) and even certain gift cards to this account. Everytime you shop and use the cards you have linked, it puts a percentage of your purchase into a college savings account for your kids!!! You can roll this money into a 529 also. And check out this cool feature: If YOU have a student loan you are still paying off, you can link YOUR student loan to this account.

moneysavingmethods.com   My newest and MOST favoritist (is that a word?) site in a long time!! She gives you true blue tips on everything from couponing, freebies, and deals around the web.

quickenonline.com   The absolute coolest way to see what is important in your life by where your money is going.

billshrink.com   I added this site even though the jury is still out. Basically it helps you budget better by having you input some simple info about your cell phone bill and vehicle. It calculates and compares different cell companies to make sure you have the best plan. It also tells you gas prices in your area and how you can save money based on the type of vehicle you own. The website seemed to run slow and I never got all the info because I got tired of waiting. I decided to tell you about it because there's always the possiblity my computer was running slow that day.

daveramsey.com   I love that Dave loves God. I love that he is no-nonsense when it comes to the idea of money and stead-fast in his teaching of learning to live debt free.

samaritanguide.com  Not sure why I care about others walk with God, but in my journey I give and I know I can't control what others do with my money after I give it to them. And I also know the most important thing about giving is what's in my heart. But saying that, this website has really helped to guide me.

All Things Home, Frugal and Family Life
CafeMom.com    Love This site! When you sign up, they send you an email telling you about other moms and events in your city!

tipjunkie.com   I get some of the coolest ideas from this girl! Readers send in tips and pictures of the great crafts they've made. Cool Site.

etsy.com  Homemade craigslist. You can look by color, by type, by location. Love this site!

amazon.com/todaysdeals   Come on? Hello? Who doesn't love Amazon?

thegrocerygame.com In my frugal quest, this has been a life saver!! I simply do not have time or WANT to sit every week and clip coupons or sift through 5 different grocery ads. This site makes it so easy!

adhdworld.com   I realize all of you won't need this site. But in my Tangled world, this is something that we struggle with in my family.

wikipedia.org   Come on, who doesn't love wikipedia?

lifehack.org   Awesome tips on....well, just about everything.

ripoffreport.com   Another great consumer website.

focusonthefamily.com    I'm constantly striving to keep my family from being another statistic. Whether you are a "first" family or a "blended" family, this site can help you remember to keep God first so your family wins!

All Things Writing & Blogging

problogger.net Umm hello? If you've never heard of ProBlogger, you have no idea what you are missing! The tips he gives bloggers who are serious about their blog is priceless!

examiner.com This site means business when they ask you to write for them! If you are looking for a way to improve your skill as a writer and make money doing it, check out this site Now!!

constantcontact.com   Another great way to make sure your followers know what you're writing!
commission junction (cj.com) A one stop shop for affiliate programs to add to your blog. Really easy to make money for your family and not go crazy trying to check each individual affiliate.

affiliates.readysite.com  Same as above with different affiliates

QuickAndDirtyTips.com. A really cute site I found by accident while looking up grammar of all things! Check out Grammar Girl. And what's great about it is that it's put out by MacMillan. You know, the company that writes our kids textbooks.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Traditions

Here in Memphis, we've recently had our first snippet of remotely cold weather. While not considered cold by some standards, for us it's been enough to grab a coat on the way out the door and turn the heat on for about 20 minutes just to take the nip out of the air in the house.

Every year when this first snippet rolls around,
it automatically makes me think of the HOLIDAYS!

I'm getting into Christmas mode! (Minus the need to wear sweaters like that one!)

Not to minimize Thanksgiving, but I always feel like celebrating Christmas only from December 1st through the 25th is never long enough!

I got some of the strangest looks from Miss Talks-A-Lot and Runs With Scissors when I mentioned that maybe we should bypass Thanksgiving decorations and move right into Christmas more towards the middle of November!

But just think about it...Some of the best family closeness and some of the best family traditions stem from pulling out Christmas decorations, trimming trees and baking sugar cookies! I can't wait for it to be so cold outside that everyone prefers to stay in and be together!!

Chief makes a fire in the fireplace and I turn on 104.5 The River, (because they start playing non-stop Christmas music on Thanksgiving Day!) and the baking begins!

There are traditions that I had as a kid that I try to incorporate with my own kids, but I'm learning that it's just as exciting to make new traditions also. Ones that my kids will remember as they grow.

In my house, the kids have already asked for puppychow or Chex cereal covered in chocolate and powdered sugar.  And they always get so excited knowing they get to open one gift on Christmas Eve night when we get home from Granma's house!

What are some of your family traditions? 
Is there something you do every year that makes your family that much closer? Is there something your kids always ask for every year?

I'd like to hear from you!

And while you're at it, go check out tipjunkie.com. I love to give credit where it's due, and I always get the absolute best ideas from Laurie and her readers that submit all the cool stuff they make! 

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why You Shouldn't Let Redneck Husbands Drive Home From Work Alone....

Poor Chief had a horrible day on Thursday!
He was driving home from work and a tire blew on the trailer he was using to carry dirt to my aunt's new house. He called for me to bring him some tools since he was just down the street.

This turned into one of the biggest most hilarious Redneck Ordeals I've ever seen! I thought it better to explain in pictures and video!!
So get ta scrollin!
(And forgive the crappy quality of my cell phone camera even though it's a cool phone)

Chief taking the tire off and mama trying to protect him by blocking the lane with my truck.
Sprint PictureMail

School was just letting out and traffic was heavy, but the really sweet security guards kept the flashers on and even put their bodies and cones in the street to veer traffic over.
 Sprint PictureMail

Chief relieved me of duty and advised his other Redneck friend was coming to help.
Sprint PictureMail

A few minutes after returning home, Chief called again to say he had pulled into the church next to where the tire blew and requested the Bobcat Key. Sprint PictureMail

For those that don't know,
**Rednecks like to keep keys around to heavy equipment
because they are universal. But I still had no idea why he needed it.**

This is what I saw when I pulled in. One Redneck Wife bringing the Bobcat Key, 2nd Redneck Wife bringing 2nd Redneck, Older Redneck Truck, so 2nd Redneck wouldn't get Nicer Redneck Truck dirty.
Sprint PictureMail
Both Redneck Wives sit in respective trucks and watch Redneck husbands try to load 1st trailer onto 2nd trailer. (Tire and axel broke. Chief had to get it home where all his Redneck Tools were waiting.)
Sprint PictureMailSprint PictureMail

The church was doing a little remodeling to a grassy patch, so Chief decided to "borrow" their Bobcat. (I learned later that he indeed asked the church permission first, but I was nervous for a minute.)
And this is what happens when you give a Redneck a Bobcat....Go check out the video then come right back.... Tangled's You Tube

Unfreakin' believeable right?  I got to nervous and returned home. About 30 minutes later, both Redneck Boys pull up to the house with dirt on 2nd trailer and 1st trailer sitting on top of 2nd trailer.
Sprint PictureMailSprint PictureMail

Rednecks can accomplish anything, I swear....

And now go watch the other video of how they got the 1st trailer off the 2nd.
The noise was so loud,
it brought neighbors out of their houses from all over the neighborhood.
One woman came running down the street with 2 dogs.
I guess she thought there was an accident or something.
Freakin' hilarious....
Another guy actually got in his truck to drive down the street just to see if they needed any help.
Chief drove RIGHT THROUGH MY YARD. And what does Redneck #2 say? "Atleast you don't have to cut that part of your grass..."  GEEZ......Think I'm gonna go get some Landscaping Quotes!

Finally Chief got everything cleaned up outside
Sprint PictureMail

And was able to come in and get cleaned up inside. Hootie loves taking showers with daddy!
Sprint PictureMailSprint PictureMail

Moral of the story ladies: Rednecks GIT R' DONE


Free Shipping at Moosejaw.com

I Found The Secret....

If you want your baby to sit quietly
while you walk around the Fair
spending way to much money and eating way to much
JUNK food....









Things I Love

I Love: This time of year when I get to BAKE but I love even more that I never have a desire to actually EAT what I bake!!

I Love: Pulling Halloween stuff out of the attic.

I Love: The anticipation of Christmas before actually getting overwhelmed at shopping

I Love: That Hootie just learned if he sticks his fingers in his ears, his voice sounds funny

I Love: Going to the fair and eating caramel apples

I Love: Chief's Redneck friend who makes all my vinyl quotes and lettering!

I Love: Possibility


Thursday, September 10, 2009

My World Just Got PRETTIER!

My Westinghouse Solar Lighting Set came in the mail!!!!

Thank You Stephanie
Go Check her out here or here

And thanks to Teak, Wicker And More


Man I Want One!!

I had no idea I was on Apple's email list,
but I just got an email about their new Ipod Nano and I want one bad!
And I never want stuff life this! But everytime I walk on the treadmill at the gym, I wish I had one! I love that it has an FM radio! Go look at 'em if you want....And by the way just incase you were wondering,
I'm not affiliated with them at all. This is not a review, 
I am being paid Nothing. I just happen to like this product!
Crap...That's a shame!