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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who's That Girl?

Uggghhhh, Do I have To Do This? This post has been in hiding for about 132 years. And here I am...drudging it up for post.

It's Time. I've been working so hard on ME, that it's time to show you where I go for motivation:

ME: BEFORE (1996)


ME:AFTER: 2004


Now, keep in mind I looked like the picture above for the better of 9 years until getting pregnant with Hootie. I gained a whopping total of 70lbs. from harboring that 7lb. human inside my body for 9 months. What a freak I am for doing that....

Kidding, Kidding....Since having this precious bundle of Eutopia, I've lost 40lbs of the 70lbs. (Geez, that hurt even more writing it the second time)

And I'm really excited about the next 30lbs. I'm workin' hard on it, but it never seems to move fast enough. I've been stuck trying to lose the same 2lbs. for a week now.


I'm sure the scales are tired of being redundant. I need to give them some action!!!

I CANNOT believe how difficult it has been to find a full length picture of me.

That should tell you where my psyche is...This picture with my brother was taken this past Sunday, at my Great-Grandmother's 90th Birthday. Speaking of brothers....ooohhhhh, I just had a "this is why brother's beat up sister's" RockStar Idea.....Stay Tuned!



South Family said...

You are beautiful!

It is so hard to get that baby weight off. I have been on a plateau for the past couple of weeks - so I bumped up my exercise a little more and decreased my eating a little and it finally moved it down..


Georgina said...

You look radiant! I have always struggled with the last 2 lbs and unfortunately it seems to be my undoing when it comes to sticking to an "eating plan". Can't wait to hear your RockStar idea!

Faith Imagined said...

You are very beautiful! I am trying to lose my baby weight now! So hard!!!

Melinda said...

You are doggone cute! ;0) Love the Before and Afters! ;0) It's a good thing because I was about to issue you a Dishonorable Discharge, Private! How dare you go AWOL from Operation Organization?!?

Your comment on my blog completely cracked me up. And believe me, I needed a good laugh this morning. The back-to-school routine has been a harsh dose of reality at my house!

Glad you're back with the program, Soldier! Now, get to work!! ;0)

Melinda said...

Okay, I guess you didn't TECHNICALLY go AWOL, but you didn't follow orders. Either way, your on thin ice, soldier. Watch your step! ;0)

Tooj said...

And of COURSE the computer Gods at my work are preventing me from seeing the picture directly below your 1996 photo! ARGH. BUT....your words are just as inspirational as a photo might be. I hope that you continue to find that healthy you. It can be a REALLY exciting and life-high type of experience to know, see, and feel the results. :) Most of though, I hope you enjoy finding all parts and sides of you through your trial! Happy Thursday.

Crissy said...

Agreed! You are beautiful!