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Monday, August 10, 2009

This Is What You Get For Bein' Nice

Can I just please show you a warm and fuzzy? A girlfriend of mine that just happens to live down the street, posted a comment on my Facebook page last night.

Besides what Miss-Talks-Alot said the other day in the car (which I'll share later,) this is the nicest compliment I think I've ever received about all this crap that comes out of my 6 inches....Here's what she said. I personally think she rocks!!!

"Hey girlie. I was just catching up on your blog which I sooo love to read and it makes it even better because I actually know you guys personally and can envision each one of ya doing the things you describe."

That just made my night! I Especially needed to hear that after getting so wound up after (for those of you who don't follow me on Facebook, here's the POST) pulling in my neighborhood last night around midnight-30, I realized that some retard hoodlums had driven up and down streets shooting out car windows with BB Guns. Ummm, hello? I live in a good neighborhood...I'm sure it was stupid teenagers just actin' crazy the night before the first day of school, but still? Here in Memphis, we say....THIS AIN'T FRAYSER....

Oh yea, what Missy T said the other day.
Biggest compliment #2

We're in the car last week and out of the blue, she says, "Mom, I haven't seen STELLA in a long time."

I wanted to cry, because STELLA wreaked havoc on our house for a while. She caused me to write posts like this, or this.


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