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Friday, August 28, 2009

Subliminal Messaging Rocks!

So I was updating my profile on momblognetwork, and as I wrote this, it reminded me of a really funny story that proves my weird over-analytical schemes that I always seem to conjur up...

"I can blame so much on them. Dirty House? Kids Did It.... I Look Like Crap? Kids Did it....Seriously all joking aside....I am 100% sure one of the most important reasons God gave us children is to use them to help remind us of what is REALLY important in life. One of the main reasons "MOM BLOGS" are so popular is because we spend so much time whining about how stressed we are, how much laundry we have, what a baby our husbands are being, blah blah blah.....


.....We forget to stop, breathe and remember....Remember what? you say? Remember that God makes children with a such new and innocent perspective. Such big wonderment in their tiny eyes. They don't worry about bills or work or life. They live to eat, play, sleep....I love that God shows Himself through my children. I love even more that I am not so far GONE because of the stresses of life that I have forgotten to let The Lord lead me every so often, into their bedrooms when all is quiet in the house, just to look at them. Just to touch their faces and whisper that I love them. But what I really should be saying is that I THANK THEM. Now I just have to LISTEN because I'm sure God tells me to do this simple act way more than I actually do it. But hello? I'm to busy blogging about stressing to hear.....

As sweet as that story was, You know me. I can always find ways to make fun of myself or one of my kids....

So...for whatever reason, about a year ago, (wait. It just hit me why. A year ago I was right in the middle of Post-Partum Crap b/c Hootie was a couple of months old and I was in the guilt stage with my big kids at having another baby.) So, about a year ago, I happened upon this book in the library that I found fascinating. Sorry, I can't for the life of me remember the title, but it was about talking positive words into your children while they sleep.
It completely made sense to me!!

Like subliminal messaging, (but different than the kind my dad used to say was on Ozzy's albums when I was a teenager.)

I finished the book and geared myself up. I was unusually nervous. It occurred to me that I was about to mess with my kids mind. His inner cortex, the part that made him.....well HIM. So I wrote notes and rewrote notes. The book gave different scenarios for different children struggling with different situations. It told you to always speak in the present tense as if the things you speak are actually happening. An example would be:
"You are such a great brother to your sister. I love the way you help her clean her room."  (yea, like that really happens....but you use positive affirmations to retrain the brain into thinking positively.)

I decided the sentences I was going to repeat were along the lines of how proud I am of him for always being such a calm boy. How much he is loved and appreciated.

As I am saying these things every night for 4 or 5 days, I truly feel like something was working. Not even necessarily with him, but maybe at the way I looked at situations that arose in our household. I was more patient (calm) and connected to his thought process.

On the fifth night I ease into his room once again, sit down on the floor next to my beautiful sleeping angel and start my soft repetitive messages. As I repeated the third set of I love you's, I'm proud of you's, You are special's.....Without so much as even an eye twitch,
Runs With Scissors says:
"Mom, are you gonna come into my room EVERY night and say the same things over and over? I know you love me and you're proud of me."

I completely lost it. Just totally cracked up! So I kissed him on his soft sweet forehead and left his room...
But just so you know, I DID go back. And OFTEN.

Because whether he hears me when he sleeps or he hears me when he's awake, he still NEEDS to hear me.

And I NEED to say it.


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Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

That's so sweet! I bet he'll always remember your "subliminal" messages. :)