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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Only in Memphis....

I am allowing myself 3 negative posts yearly.

A. I will warn you with these **** everytime I'm about to write something that could be misconstrued as Negative. You can turn your head if you like...
B. They will probably NEVER be about me or something I DID WRONG.
C. They will most likely ALWAYS be about one of the following:

1. Something my husband did wrong.

2. Something my kids did wrong.
(as long as you can clearly tell I had NOTHING to do with it.)

3. Something totally outrageous that's happened in
this Un...freakin'....Believable City, I call home.

4. Something horrible that Someone Else did to me...(but only if it is totally easy to lie about MY role in any said
nastiness because that person doesn't read my blog.)

On to the topic...

Today's Topic:
Memphis City School System

In case you don't know...Memphis has 2 school systems. It is divided between the City School System and County School System.

***The general sentiment around here is that if you love your kids even 20%, if you cook them dinner even 1 night a week, or if you have EVER shown affection by unlocking the front door on a saturday and allowing them to come inside to get water and maybe use the bathroom, you will not put them in City Schools. And that's a bummer because there are some Beautiful houses in Midtown...***

Now for your viewing pleasure...I'd like to show you what I found on one of the school websites: Enjoy....

(This was on a Recognition page for one of the middle schools.)


stepfabulous said...

That is horrible! Luckily Chosen Child goes to a great school, and it's public. However, we paid for private school for a long time until she got transferred into a different elementary and now she's in middle school!

her said...

Oh the choices we have to make to keep up the facade of being "good and prudent" parents!

Just to address the city vs county...I have to say, we came from city for "the better life" in the county and as far as the gifted program goes... --> CITY is MUCH BETTER! Sad huh, they suck at everything else and you risk life and limb at some schools, but they DO fund that program well!

beccad said...

That is hilarious and sad all at the same time. So why don't you break your 3 rule post and do a post on King Willie?

I'm so glad we moved to Tipton county when we did. We have some of the best schools in the state and I love my neighborhood.