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Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Level Of Dorkiness Never Ceases To Amaze Me

It was brought to my attention today by....well...by myself....
That I'm kinda quirky.

I think.

Well Sorta.

I've established the following about myself:
(And just so you know...there are probably 236 more things that I either can't think of, or don't want to think of right now.)

1. I go through withdrawals if I don't go to Goodwill for a while

And as much as I DO enjoy walking through the mall every now and then, I absolutely feel like there are camera's hidden in the walls that link to a huge room where the CEO's of all the retail stores sit with popcorn and coke, laughing at all the suckers walking around buying their products for 10 times what it cost to make it. I envision a little boy in a catholic choir robe sitting sitting alone in the closet of the big CEO party room. Everytime a cash register cha-chings, instead of tolling the bell, he pushes a button that sounds a chime and flashes a huge red light on the other side of the wall, causing the laughter and hi-fives to start all over again. It drives me crazy to be so nieve.

2. I write blogs in my head
Or as you see below, on take out containers in blue marker while driving down the interstate. Don't worry. I've perfected the art of knowing where my starting point is, which makes it easier to know where to cross the "t" so I never have to look down.

3. I put deodorant on my 14 month old
It's true.
My older kids have more olive skin like their dad. They came out with beautiful subtle natural tan that trumped my freckles. My poor Hootie was punished with a freckled-faced mom and a red/brown(now white, sorry honey) haired, some Irish in there somewhere, dad. His hair is much lighter than the dark black hair of his older siblings. And he has permanent rosy cheeks. His skin is so fair and so sensitive. A while back after countless bare bum episodes where I was forced to air him out, I had a bright idea....If deodorant keeps your underarms dry, why can't it block moisture from his diaper area?
Man, I'm a genius.

4. I could win the GOLD METAL in Procrastination

My way of combatting procrastination and making myself feel better is with notebooks. Inside those notebooks, I could thumb through and tell you exactly where my head was at on January 14, 2002. I can tell you what needed to be accomplished but most likely didn't.
I love lists!!!
For me, victory doesn't come with accomplishing the task on the list, but simply writing the list.

I think that about sums up my quirkiness. Well, not really. I could tell you about my weird OCD habits like spelling words with my teeth, or having to wipe my thumbs with my other fingers a certain number of times, in a precise way or I feel like I haven't erased whatever it is I was trying to erase???

But I won't go there.
So yep, that about sums up the things I'm willing to divulge.
Hey, it's a growing process.
And this is progress.



Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I love quirkiness! It's what makes us all unique!

And seriously? I blog in my sleep. It's ridiculous. I'll dream about what I'm going to say and then lie there in a half-awake state trying to remember it. (Which I rarely do.) Pitiful. :)

The Rambler said...

Your gonna have to show this post to your son when he's way older. :)

Quirky equals Fun.


Georgina said...

I'm with ya on #2 and #4! And I'll even admit to #1 as well! Cheers! - G