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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wizards of Waverly Place Party

I'd like to give hostparty.com a HUGE THANK YOU for supplying goodies for the

Wizards of Waverly Place Island Theme Party
I hosted this weekend.
It was also RWS 8th Birthday AND Missy T's FIRST EVER middle school dance, so Saturday was crazy around our house!!

 Here are some highlights:


So Funny. One Screaming, One Checkin' Out The Boobage....

Dork On The Right.....

Even 90 Year Old Grannies Can Rock With Wizards


This Chick Isn't A LOSER either.....

With SO MANY (blah blah blah, I kill me...) Entries
I had to use the Random Generator and it looks like RITA is my winner!!!
Rita is receiving her very own copy of

Go Check Her Out at: Ol' Frumpy Rita
Thanks For Entering!!
Make Sure You Send Me Your Address and I'll Make Sure I clean the coffee off the cover!


I Am Soooo NOT A Loser

Because look what I won!!!
Westinghouse Solar Lighting - Kendal 8 Piece Solar Light Set

Thank You Stephanie! Go Check her out here or here
And a HUGE thank you to Teak, Wicker And More
I Kinda Rock.....


Book GiveAway Time

You might remember I read and reviewed:

I loved this book. (Maybe a little to much)

Well my bloggy girls: It's Time To PAY IT FORWARD

This is going to be very simple.
You only have to do 2 things to be in the running:

1. Follow Me(ofcourse) and link me to your blog.

2. Write a comment of WHY you want this book.

How do you think it will help?
How do you think it will help someone you love?
Make it humorous or heart-felt.
If it's to personal for public viewing, send me a message.
Atleast then I'll know to pray for you!

Girls, this book is funny and realistic.
You're not going to get any Ph.D verbage or advice.
You're not going to walk away with a light bulb glowing over your head.....but you will fold down corners, hi-lite pages, and quote paragraphs to your husband and girlfriends.

Get your comments in by: Midnight(CST) Saturday, August 29, 2009 and I will announce the winner on Sunday night.

So Get To It! Hello?? It's Free Stuff!!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Subliminal Messaging Rocks!

So I was updating my profile on momblognetwork, and as I wrote this, it reminded me of a really funny story that proves my weird over-analytical schemes that I always seem to conjur up...

"I can blame so much on them. Dirty House? Kids Did It.... I Look Like Crap? Kids Did it....Seriously all joking aside....I am 100% sure one of the most important reasons God gave us children is to use them to help remind us of what is REALLY important in life. One of the main reasons "MOM BLOGS" are so popular is because we spend so much time whining about how stressed we are, how much laundry we have, what a baby our husbands are being, blah blah blah.....


.....We forget to stop, breathe and remember....Remember what? you say? Remember that God makes children with a such new and innocent perspective. Such big wonderment in their tiny eyes. They don't worry about bills or work or life. They live to eat, play, sleep....I love that God shows Himself through my children. I love even more that I am not so far GONE because of the stresses of life that I have forgotten to let The Lord lead me every so often, into their bedrooms when all is quiet in the house, just to look at them. Just to touch their faces and whisper that I love them. But what I really should be saying is that I THANK THEM. Now I just have to LISTEN because I'm sure God tells me to do this simple act way more than I actually do it. But hello? I'm to busy blogging about stressing to hear.....

As sweet as that story was, You know me. I can always find ways to make fun of myself or one of my kids....

So...for whatever reason, about a year ago, (wait. It just hit me why. A year ago I was right in the middle of Post-Partum Crap b/c Hootie was a couple of months old and I was in the guilt stage with my big kids at having another baby.) So, about a year ago, I happened upon this book in the library that I found fascinating. Sorry, I can't for the life of me remember the title, but it was about talking positive words into your children while they sleep.
It completely made sense to me!!

Like subliminal messaging, (but different than the kind my dad used to say was on Ozzy's albums when I was a teenager.)

I finished the book and geared myself up. I was unusually nervous. It occurred to me that I was about to mess with my kids mind. His inner cortex, the part that made him.....well HIM. So I wrote notes and rewrote notes. The book gave different scenarios for different children struggling with different situations. It told you to always speak in the present tense as if the things you speak are actually happening. An example would be:
"You are such a great brother to your sister. I love the way you help her clean her room."  (yea, like that really happens....but you use positive affirmations to retrain the brain into thinking positively.)

I decided the sentences I was going to repeat were along the lines of how proud I am of him for always being such a calm boy. How much he is loved and appreciated.

As I am saying these things every night for 4 or 5 days, I truly feel like something was working. Not even necessarily with him, but maybe at the way I looked at situations that arose in our household. I was more patient (calm) and connected to his thought process.

On the fifth night I ease into his room once again, sit down on the floor next to my beautiful sleeping angel and start my soft repetitive messages. As I repeated the third set of I love you's, I'm proud of you's, You are special's.....Without so much as even an eye twitch,
Runs With Scissors says:
"Mom, are you gonna come into my room EVERY night and say the same things over and over? I know you love me and you're proud of me."

I completely lost it. Just totally cracked up! So I kissed him on his soft sweet forehead and left his room...
But just so you know, I DID go back. And OFTEN.

Because whether he hears me when he sleeps or he hears me when he's awake, he still NEEDS to hear me.

And I NEED to say it.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

2 Parties In One Day: How RockStars Live!

Runs With Scissors birthday is next Friday.
My Sweet Baby Will Be 8 Years Old!!!

I've been fortunate enough to be asked by hostparty.com to host:

The Wizards of Waverly Place, The Movie Island Theme Party
The movie is airing on The Disney Channel this coming Friday 8/7cst.

I was a little nervous to ask if he would consider having this type of party since I knew he talked a lot about having a skateboard party or G.I. Joe party.

But when I showed him all the free goodies we were receiving AND reserved a MoonBounce, he was excited!

So, it looks like we're having an Island Theme Party!

They will jump in the moonbounce for a while
Have a scavenger hunt
Dance to Selena Gomez
Eat pineapple kabobs
Hop in their sleeping bags and settle in for the movie



So, to sum it up: I've got a busy week ahead of me! I'm working some overtime, playing mom, pretending to play wife and procrastinating at party planner.....atleast I reserved the moon bounce....Now what about a cake???

(By the way, those of you...you know who you are....) You haven't let me know if you're coming or not.
Are you going to force me to mail out invitations 4 days before this shindig???


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shut Yo' Mouth Saturday

It's that time again, folks! This week The Topic is:


How often do we muck through the daily grind on Auto-Pilot? Life is full of change, but there are times when the sands of time seem to detour around us. Sometimes the pause button is hit during seemingly the worst of times.

Monday: You go to the mailbox to pull out nothing but bills. The electric bill is past due

Tuesday: The kids bring home list after list of supplies needed and they tell you they at a cheese sandwich for lunch today because they had no money on their lunch account.

Wednesday: The baby wakes up at 3am only to throw up for the next 4 hours until you have to wake the rest of the family up AND call into work yourself that day.

Thursday: Baby still sick, the bags under your eyes make people at Walmart think you should go to a Battered Women's Shelter, and you've screamed and grounded your daughter for leaving the top off the toothpaste. By this time, you've lost almost all sense of reality.

Friday: Your husband has tried to stay supportive but at this point, everyone is just trying to stay out of your way. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? It is payday after all. The baby is a little better so you don't have to spend that $20 on a copay for them to tell you it's viral and there's nothing they can do and you can finally go to the grocery store so the kids can eat more than PB&J sandwiches for lunch and dinner.

Saturday: The weekend is finally here but it storms all day so the kids are stuck inside to whine about being bored but you don't have the energy to even pull the boredom box out of the closet and sit down for a game that would require to much thought.

Sunday: You hit the snooze button a total of three times before crawling out of bed. Your inner voice tells you to go back to bed. It's finally quiet in the house. It will be okay to miss church just this once. At that very moment, you see your son coming down the stairs fully dressed and asking for breakfast. So off to church you go.

But something happens once you get there.

You drudge through the doors with your droopy eyes not making contact with anyone and your smile left in the car. You settle the kids in their respective areas and hurry to get Starbucks coffee before slipping into the the auditorium.

As the worship team starts into the first song, your hands can barely push themselves together. By the third song, you're starting to injest the words and your mood is slowly lifting.

The Offering plate comes around and you give. You think about the electric bill, but you made a promise to yourself.

The Pastor is starting a new series this week and the topic for today: Whine and Worry.

"Matthew 6:25 says Don't worry about everyday life because if you do, you will start to focus on the wrong things." he says.


Was he just looking at me? I swear I just saw him glance at me....

He continues by saying, "If you keep your eye on the BIG picture, everyday life will just happen. It will just fall into place without you knowing it."


Okay, now I know he has hidden camera's in my house. Fo' Sho....

By the end of the sermon, you have forgotten the electric bill, you are looking forward to tackling the laundry when you get home, and you can't wait to find your daughter so you can hug her and tell her you are sorry for yelling over stupid toothpaste.

God has been waiting patiently at your door this whole time. He hasn't left, but only waited for you to take your life off Auto-Pilot and remember the Answers were ALWAYS there. As you look back over the previous week, you think about how many others live day after day, week after week in the same Whiney state. Mountains are made out of mole hills. They always have the Worst problems of anyone. They love playing the victim.

It makes you realize that the electric bill falling behind is a minor glitch in the big scheme of things. The baby getting sick was maybe God's way to tell you to slow down. Take a day off. Spend the day rocking and whispering lullaby's into that sweet baby's ear. He's only small for a short time. Take more time to use moments as teaching experiments instead of testing your vocal range. And by the way, kids Love PB&J sandwiches....

So as you're driving home with a renewed spirit ready to tackle the upcoming week ahead, the sound of your children laughing in the back seat doesn't rake on your nerves because you've forgotten how tired and impatient you were before.

The sound of their laughter reminds you of just how good you have it. You have healthy happy kids, a husband who isn't perfect but halfway plugged in most of the time, and the ability to know how to stop and re-evaluate every now and again.

So Stop Whining. Life Is Good.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fumblings

Sometimes I feel like I'm fumbling through life. Hello? Can I get an AMEN?

I just read a post where the writer talked about women bloggers and how there is an obvious misconception that we're only allowed (or know how) to write about 4 things.

1. Kids
2. Husbands
3. Weight
4. Jesus.

Huh? What? Just like Stephanie said, I have so many other




overall CRAP
in my head that I want to talk about sometimes. But I digress, most of the time any thought process somehow diverts back to one of the four above.

I guess if I lived alone in New York with 2 cats, cosmos after work, and a different boyfriend each week, I would blog about those 4 things. But it's not...

Guess I'm gonna go back to my corner and pout. Then blog.

About my weight, or my kids snotty nose, or my snotty nose kids, my husband, or how much I love my church...


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who's That Girl?

Uggghhhh, Do I have To Do This? This post has been in hiding for about 132 years. And here I am...drudging it up for post.

It's Time. I've been working so hard on ME, that it's time to show you where I go for motivation:

ME: BEFORE (1996)


ME:AFTER: 2004


Now, keep in mind I looked like the picture above for the better of 9 years until getting pregnant with Hootie. I gained a whopping total of 70lbs. from harboring that 7lb. human inside my body for 9 months. What a freak I am for doing that....

Kidding, Kidding....Since having this precious bundle of Eutopia, I've lost 40lbs of the 70lbs. (Geez, that hurt even more writing it the second time)

And I'm really excited about the next 30lbs. I'm workin' hard on it, but it never seems to move fast enough. I've been stuck trying to lose the same 2lbs. for a week now.


I'm sure the scales are tired of being redundant. I need to give them some action!!!

I CANNOT believe how difficult it has been to find a full length picture of me.

That should tell you where my psyche is...This picture with my brother was taken this past Sunday, at my Great-Grandmother's 90th Birthday. Speaking of brothers....ooohhhhh, I just had a "this is why brother's beat up sister's" RockStar Idea.....Stay Tuned!


Wordless Wednesday

Just a reminder of why we call him RUNS WITH SCISSORS.
(No photoshop needed, by the way)


Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Level Of Dorkiness Never Ceases To Amaze Me

It was brought to my attention today by....well...by myself....
That I'm kinda quirky.

I think.

Well Sorta.

I've established the following about myself:
(And just so you know...there are probably 236 more things that I either can't think of, or don't want to think of right now.)

1. I go through withdrawals if I don't go to Goodwill for a while

And as much as I DO enjoy walking through the mall every now and then, I absolutely feel like there are camera's hidden in the walls that link to a huge room where the CEO's of all the retail stores sit with popcorn and coke, laughing at all the suckers walking around buying their products for 10 times what it cost to make it. I envision a little boy in a catholic choir robe sitting sitting alone in the closet of the big CEO party room. Everytime a cash register cha-chings, instead of tolling the bell, he pushes a button that sounds a chime and flashes a huge red light on the other side of the wall, causing the laughter and hi-fives to start all over again. It drives me crazy to be so nieve.

2. I write blogs in my head
Or as you see below, on take out containers in blue marker while driving down the interstate. Don't worry. I've perfected the art of knowing where my starting point is, which makes it easier to know where to cross the "t" so I never have to look down.

3. I put deodorant on my 14 month old
It's true.
My older kids have more olive skin like their dad. They came out with beautiful subtle natural tan that trumped my freckles. My poor Hootie was punished with a freckled-faced mom and a red/brown(now white, sorry honey) haired, some Irish in there somewhere, dad. His hair is much lighter than the dark black hair of his older siblings. And he has permanent rosy cheeks. His skin is so fair and so sensitive. A while back after countless bare bum episodes where I was forced to air him out, I had a bright idea....If deodorant keeps your underarms dry, why can't it block moisture from his diaper area?
Man, I'm a genius.

4. I could win the GOLD METAL in Procrastination

My way of combatting procrastination and making myself feel better is with notebooks. Inside those notebooks, I could thumb through and tell you exactly where my head was at on January 14, 2002. I can tell you what needed to be accomplished but most likely didn't.
I love lists!!!
For me, victory doesn't come with accomplishing the task on the list, but simply writing the list.

I think that about sums up my quirkiness. Well, not really. I could tell you about my weird OCD habits like spelling words with my teeth, or having to wipe my thumbs with my other fingers a certain number of times, in a precise way or I feel like I haven't erased whatever it is I was trying to erase???

But I won't go there.
So yep, that about sums up the things I'm willing to divulge.
Hey, it's a growing process.
And this is progress.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Me Likey Likey

I don't enter tons of contests because frankly I hate having to do ALL the tons of stuff they ask you to do just for extra entries....But...I'm a sucker for outdoor pretties! One of my favorite bloggers is having a cool giveaway, so I couldn't help but enter!

Make sure you go check it out!

"Reviews for the Love of God is having a great giveaway by:
Teak and Wicker and More who can service all your outdoor needs from patio furniture to solar lighting."


Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Twin is 21 Years Younger

I think we'd be pretty safe if one of us ever tried to rob a bank because they wouldn't be able to tell which one of us did it....


Photobucket **& Miss Talks-A-Lot**