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Monday, July 6, 2009

Why You Shouldn't Poop While Your Kid Is In The Bath

I was gonna save myself the embarrassment and name the title Why You Shouldn't Pee, but hello? with the exception of my husband and one of my uncles, we're all moms who read my blog and you would have known I was lying because just peeing doesn't warrant enough time for your kid to get into this kind of chaos......

So how do you sit on the toilet while your sweet baby sits in the bath and dumps an entire bottle of peppermint salt scrub into the tub and you don't notice unless you've had to open the door to yell at your other kids for trying to tear eachothers' arms out of their sockets because they know you are preoccupied???

Then you take him out of the bath, get him dressed and he's
mad because he still can't eat the scrub......Calgon Anyone???


{Katie Lane} said...

Lol, I've always wondered how one poops when they have kids.

beccad said...

That's just hilarious and sounds like I could of had that exact moment. I love the book "Everyone Poops" but they seriously need one that explains what kiddos do when mamas poop. You are too funny girl.

shabbyrosetreasures said...

Awesome!! I love your stories, so entertaining!