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Monday, July 27, 2009

Real Thoughts In A Blogging World

I, like many of you, have been following baby Stellan and his fight for life. There are so many opinions and thoughts about Jennifer and her blog, so I think it's time I gave mine.

There are women who follow religiously and there are women who religiously have something negative to say. I admit I've had thoughts about both. My heart breaks for this baby. I can't help but constantly think about what an aweful feeling to know the possibility is there that someday Jennifer will have to be overwhelmed with the thought of her baby not being in her arms anymore. To play over and over in her mind, the memories of his little heart beating so incredibly fast, it caused to stop beating at all.

On the other hand, I'm plagued with thoughts of "what would I do?" I would want so bad to be able to save the memories of these moments in my mind and in print, but there's a huge part of me that doesn't know if I would be able to stay in the moment where they are working feverishly on my baby, but take time out to text. It seems odd to me. I am fully aware people are praying and want updates. I am also fully aware that sometimes in those moments, you have to step aside and let others do their job while you watch by the wayside without the same knowledge in the medical field as those trying to save your precious little one. So who knows, maybe pulling my phone and putting my scattered thoughts into actual words, might help me get through the moment. But I would hate to know being so busy preoccupied with my phone or computer, it led me to miss something. I wish she had someone to document for her so she didn't have to worry about that right now.

On to the next elephant in the room....I truly believe so many bloggers who write negativity about her choice of food, her amount of computer time and the amount of time spent by other bloggers following her, stems from a point of jealousy. There have been times that I, myself, have been peeved at the amount of publicity she receives because she has a sick child.
I don't have as many followers because I am newer in the blogging world and my children are (THANK GOD) very healthy. I am not one to constanty hit the refresh button and forget to feed my kids because I'm so enthralled by what is going on in someone else's life. I am way to busy to preoccupy myself with instant updates.

But saying that, I am aware there are thousands more children that, at this very second, are losing their battle with whatever disease they are fighting. There are a thousand more that just now died in some sort of motor vehicle accident. And still there are a thousand more being physically or sexually abused at this very second. The difference is that I don't know about those right now. Because I've enthralled myself into the blogging world, I have been made aware of this situation. Stellan. So as I pray for the millions of other children battling against the evils in this world, I also pray for this precious baby that just happens to be almost the same age as my littlest one, who both have names I know.


Tina said...

I agree with what you are saying...I know I at one time followed this blogger and have had to step away when I felt she was using her sick child to gain material things...Iphones, meals, clothes, new stroller, free hotel rooms, groceries for her husband and other kids while she was in Boston, pay pal account with over $1500 put in. All of this during 1 hospital stay and all the while people saying she was in need and then she comes home and because people are talking about her greed she starts making cash donations to her charities of choice. I'm like so confused....wait you mean people just gave to you because you needed something and now you are taking and making a $1000 and $2000 donation. This family is not hurting for money.....she could have said please make a donation to a charity in Stellan's name. No instead she makes it a game of greed to see what all she can get people to send. Even a pacifier was hinted at only having one and before you know it....tweet tweet a woverine is bringing dozens to the hospital. Am I jealous of this woman....no I am sad that a mother would USE her sons illness to exploit herself and her blog. Do I have ads...yes but I will never become dishonest and use illness, pity or anything like that in order to get more hits to my blog. Each click is money for her and she uses dishonest antics to get people coming back hitting refresh...time and time again. The child I feel very sorry for him and I hope he gets well....the mother....I will pray that God will guide her to do the honest thing and stop scamming her loyal blog followers!!

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