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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Minnesota Vacation 2009

This year our TANGLED vacation wasn't so tangled. Because of Missy T going to the Middle East with her dad, I decided Runs With Scissors needed his own vacation.

But enduring the 2 hour long slideshow of someone else's vacation (who feels the need to pause every 3rd picture and explain exactly which one of the 30 exact made windows was their hotel room) would make anyone want to slit their wrist.

So I'm in a good mood today and will only give you the highlights of who I would like to thank for making our 2,600 mile trip a little less painful.

First and foremost....THANK YOU TO THE MAKERS OF BENADRYL.....

I'd like to thank the makers of the PSP that kept RWS occupied and the Portable DVD player which allowed us to repeatedly play BABY PHONICS over and over and over and over to keep Hootie happy....Second to Walmart for selling the shower curtain rod we jimmied to the back of the truck so we could hang our clothes and lessen mama ironing time.

Read carefully...I will only say this thank you once because although I have to give credit where credit is due, I'm struggling with giving these people ANY more appreciation than I have to.....
A Thank You to the makers of UNLEADED GASOLINE which prevented us from running out of fuel in the middle of ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE, IOWA. (I'm sure that's a real city in Iowa. And you could find it on the map if you happen to be driving through that lovely state because there's nothing else to look at anyway, so you have plenty of time.....)

Thank you to every television manufacturer who puts buttons on the bottom of the tv so my son becomes entranced and crawls away before I can get his diaper back on, which inevitably led me to take naked butt pictures at every hotel we stayed at. THANKS

Thanks to the COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT in Brooklyn Center, MN for providing towels so I could clean my oh-so dirty boys. I promise we didn't steal any of them. Okay, I did take one wash cloth to wrap my perfume in. SORRY. And thanks for being a classy enough joint that you provided an indoor pool.

(I'm looking at Hootie that way b/c he just swat at my face and I'm asking him what he thought he was doing...)

I'd like to thank the inventor of the mini carousel at the Mall of America for taking a whole freakin' dollar of my money and lasting a mere 27 seconds only to have my 13 month old scream when the ride stopped which made me rush to insert yet another of my hard earned dollars to keep him happy.

The academy award of thank you's has to go to Hooters' for partnering with the RANCH DRESSING company they use for their carrots and hot wings, but more importantly the inventor of the STRAW that silenced the LOUDEST SCREAMING kid EVER to walk into the Mall of America once I put the two products together and lifted them both to the mouth of said screaming kid.

A big thanks to all the cheesy tourist gift shops in GRAND MARAIS, MN who not only sold thimbles, spoons, magnets with Moose or Sailboats, BUT also buy one get one sweatshirts as the temperature dropped to 52 degrees, while it was 97 back home....hhhmmm $60 for 3 hours worth of wear until next winter....Gotta love it.

Thank You to "My Sister's Place" Restaurant in GRAND MARAIS for providing half way decent food while we provided our own entertainment

I'd like to thank the inventor of the wheel for keeping said 13 month old occupied at the outdoor water park we stopped at as we traveled so far up north I could hear little Canadian kids in the distant shouting EY...

Thanks to my boys for agreeing to dress the way I wanted you too...You three ROCK!!

Thanks to GOD for making trees and giving my bored 7 year old something to lean on during the wedding ceremony.

A big thank you to EARLE BROWN HERITAGE CENTER somewhere in Minneapolis for leaving black velcro table runners in the empty coat check room so I could cover my sleeping kid after he finally fell into slumber after an hour of screaming at all the excitement of the British wedding we attended.

And thank you Hootie for being in a good mood when you finally woke up two hours later.

A BIG shout out to the maker of the strapless bra which allowed me to confidently wear my $29.99 dress from Sears and not have to tug at my boobage the entire night of the wedding.

Hommage to the strapless bra once more.....

Really big thank you to the maker of the long swirly and very colorful suckers sold at VALLEY FAIR AMUSEMENT PARK, that once again helped lessen the screaming factor brought on by exhaustion from a day of fun for my 13 month old yellin machine.

And one last thank you to VALLEY FAIR for making the 30 minute trip back to the hotel a little less loud.....

Thanks to Cove Point Lodge in BEAVER BAY, MN for providing a really great room, really great view and the weirdest Scandinavian Breakfast I've ever seen but didn't think to take pictures of, consisting of bite size pieces of fish in ice water, beets (in ice again), cucumbers and onions, tomatoes, cheese, and salami and wheat toast.
(I actually really liked everything except the first two)
Oh by the way, Thanks for letting me just throw in that our room was the upper right window.....

Anne's mom had the cabin next to the lodge and we all hung out there every night to cook, play games, and hang out.

Last but not least.....I leave you with a little Thank You to my RedNeck Man.....Thanks for a wonderful vacation baby and always being the life of the party!!!

And thank you to ME for thinking it was cute that the British ladies wanted to grab my husbands' butt and dance with him all night. No applause needed....Enjoy the video......
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