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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Can't Believe His Viciousness

Every summer I look forward to the summer schedule.
For about 10 minutes, I look forward to it.
Then I remember how I love to get up early before everyone else.

So last night, after another night of going to bed LATE, I told Chief to wake me when he left for work. I told him to say whatever he had to so I would actually get out of the bed and not just roll over while mumbling something like "Promise, I'm up..."

"Tell me the house is on fire, whatever you have to." I said.
"No wait. Make me coffee, then come tell me you made me coffee, and I'll jump right up."

There's nothing better than drinking morning coffee, praying and reflecting when the house is quiet.
So that's what he did.
Well Sorta....

He came in, sweetly kissed me, then grabbed my hand and said, "Baby, get up. Coffee is ready and the baby is up."


So I say to him, "The point of me getting up is to have some alone time before the baby wakes up. So I'll just lie here very quiet and wait for him to go back to sleep before I get up."

This man. This loving sweet husband of mine, kisses my hand again and says,
"Okay, the baby isn't really up, I lied."
"But coffee is ready. I love you and I'll call you later."

I'm guessing that I would stay in the bed if the house
were burning but make me coffee, and I'm there.....

I jump right up, excited about coffee being ready and my thoughts of actually being in my quiet house ALONE with only my thoughts to get my day prepared.
But what happens?

I walk into the kitchen and the coffee pot is not in the coffee machine.

It's playing hide-n-seek with me I guess......

Maybe he put it in the microwave to keep it warm....
(Even though we live in the south, we are a little high tech around here, and my coffee pot has the ability to actually keep the coffee warm on it's own.) But I'm not thinking clearly.

HELLO? I just woke up.

Wanna know what happened next?

I find the EMPTY coffee pot. Clean and sitting NEXT to the sink, waiting patiently to be filled.


So while I'm filling the coffee pot, Hootie starts LOUDLY telling me he is ready to start his day.


Plans change. Coffee starts brewing, bottle is made.
Coffee has to have conversations by itself for the next 20 minutes.
Hootie enjoys his morning bottle in mama's lap while watching OUR favorite show.

20 minutes later.......

Coffee tastes burnt. But I bet the bottle was good.....


Cuddling with a naked baby wrapped in his favorite fuzzy blanket is better than coffee any day.

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