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Monday, July 27, 2009

Girl, Get To The Point Already......

Writing the post about Stellan, read about Stellan here ,led me to my own thoughts about
the direction of my blog. From the very beginning I knew my entreprenerial spirit wanted to make a living by writing. Whatever the venue, I knew I would find the best way for myself.

I've decided not to put tons of ads on my blog to bombard my readers with selfish money making schemes. Then as soon as I say that, I revert back to my intense desire to leave the world of working outside of my home for a set amount of hours per week, leaving my children and husband without a mom/wife. And in my line of work which is public safety, those hours are often stretched beyond measure if something catastrophic happens in our city. If the weather is horrendous and schools or businesses close, most people get to stay home wrapped in fuzzy pj's and hot chocolate. If a tanker overturns and spills hundreds of gallons of fuel with the possibility of exploding into a fiery mess and shutting the interstate down for hours, I don't get to gripe about the emergency workers blocking traffic because I am SENDING those emergency workers to block traffic. So my 8 hour shift has many times, turned into a 16 hour shift, keeping me away from my family for that much longer. So my thoughts lead me to ways I could leave that behind. Have more time to be a mom. Have more time to clean my house and cook nutritious meals. But how?????

I don't know that blogging would ever afford me the amount of money I make now. I don't know that I will release my book and make enough money to be home. I know that I want to continuously weigh my options. I know that I will never compromise my beliefs, values, and morals. I know that I will never be untrustworthy. I know that I will never be deceitful in my intentions to gain new blogging friends. But I also know that with hard work and intuition, God will show me how to achieve my goal of being with my babies and my husband.

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Chanda said...

Good luck! Changing things up a bit can be exciting!