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Monday, July 27, 2009

Crap, I Didn't Spell Check...And Other After Thoughts

How am I supposed to be a writer if I get to busy changin' diapers and forget to come back and spell check before I post??? More for myself than for YOU, I must right my wrong....

The word is Entrepreneurial ......

Man...that feels much better. AND by the way...don't email me with links to every other word I've ACCIDENTALLY misspelled in every post I've ever written....That reminds me that I found this website once that cracked me up. It was about (parentheses) and the stupid ways people use them. Go look it up, I can't find it right now...

The other.....

People either took my earlier posts wrong or I wrote my earlier posts wrong. Either way, let me clarify that I'm not joining any "bash mckmama" club by ANY means. I have never gone through her archives and I haven't been following that long. I don't know what free stuff she's received nor do I know how much money she's given to charity. After that post and the subsequent one, I've had nothing but thoughts about the comments and emails I've received.

Most were "sorry you're having a bad day." HUH?
Did my contemplative posts make me seem depressed?

I'm sorry. Promise, I haven't been depressed all day. INFACT just the other day I wanted to cry (out of happiness) because Miss Talks-A-Lot commented that she hadn't seen



So no. Not depressed. Just contemplative. So I started thinking to myself.
"Self? Wait? I would Do Anything to give my family a better life."

But then I remembered that I just posted a huge RANT about keeping my morals and not putting ads on my blog.


Ads do not make you deceitful. Product Reviews do not make you untrustworthy. If I EVER expect to supplement my income, I will have to actually incorporate STUFF on my blog that other people are willing to give or pay me for.

I have never. NEVER thought like most. I have never, for instance, blamed Kate for putting her 8 kids on tv or drawing up contracts to ensure their future. And I'm sorry, but if I had 8 kids I'd take ALLLLL the free diapers and diaper changers, I could get.

So I don't think I was very clear in my post.

I don't necessarily think blogging about your sick baby is cause to use the word EXPLOITATION.

If I had a sick baby, I would blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog about it. It's therapy.

So I guess if you blog about your life, you have to (or get to) take what comes with releasing your thoughts.

Tina wrote: "Iphones, meals, clothes, new stroller, free hotel rooms, groceries for her husband and other kids while she was in Boston, pay pal account with over $1500 put in."

DANG. She got a free hotel room????

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