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Friday, July 24, 2009

Conversations In Our House....Geez.....

RWS: "Mom, can I play my PSP?"

Me: "Yes, do you know where it is?"

RWS: "No, can you call dad?"

Me: "Honey, do you know where the PSP is?"

Chief: "I put it on top of the fridge because he snuck upstairs and played it for like 4 hours."

Me: "Umm, what were you doing that you didn't know what our child was doing upstairs for FOUR hours?" (I was at work)

Chief: "He said he had to go to the bathroom."

Me: "Oh dear lord....Who goes to the bathroom for FOUR hours?"

(Missy T says he was sleeping in the camo chair)

Me: "RWS, why did you play for like FOUR hours?"

Missy T: "Mom, I don't think it was FOUR hours."

RWS: "Nooooo, not FOUR hours. I had to spend atleast FIVE MINUTES lying to him."


Bitter Sweet Moments said...

Hi! I couldn't possibly compile a list of lovely blogs without featuring your beautiful blog. In celebration of all things lovely, would you consider stopping by sometime to accept an award from me?

{Katie Lane} said...

Like five minutes is so much compaired to 4 hours. Haha!!