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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blog Giveaways

Jesus himself said: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.' "
Acts 20:35

Thanks For Visiting My Blog!!!

I wanted to give a few Thank You's and Disclaimers for my Giveaways:

First and Foremost:
You Do NOT have to be a BLOGGER to SUBSCRIBE, FOLLOW, or COMMENT on my blog.
I realize a lot of you that follow me are new to blogging, don't understand the point of blogging, or just don't want to spend the time.


I've thought long and hard about the direction I want this Blog to go. It can be very tempting to post Reviews for Products when the perks are receiving FREE stuff, which in turn enables a stressed out mama blogger to pass on some joy to another. But I digress....

My personality or convictions will not allow me to be forced into writing a good review about a product I hate and I just have not wanted to put myself in that position. I'm not saying I will NEVER do reviews because I'm sure there are companies out there who appreciate honesty.
(If you happen to be one of them, click HERE and we'll talk)

As for now, my GIVEAWAYS:

Are from heart (and my personal means....)

It gives me joy to give because I Thank You for reading.