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Friday, July 31, 2009

What Comes Around, Goes Around

(Just so you know there was NOT more than one day with tornadoes, I started this post last night while working. Had to stop, design the award button, THEN come back.)

One of the coolest things just happened....

It's 3am and finally quiet around work. I'm working a double shift because....You guessed it...Memphis had another freakin' TORNADO today. Well 2 actually.

Anyway. Totally not what I was blogging about.
So I'm finally free from the mounds of paperwork and
decide to browse thru my Google Reader.

When what do I see? This chick got an AWARD from some other chick and started passing it on. The first name I read was (ahem...) my name. But not my blog name, but my real name.
BUT....It wasn't me....:(

BUT....I read the next, and the next, and the next AND guess what?

TANGLEDEUTOPIA was right there in black-n-white.
And to think....I got it because I made cute babies!
But what is amazing, you say?
It's the same exact award I got from: Chrissy

So I'm gonna play by the rules.
I'm gonna send out a HUGE THANK YA TO

But,I decided to create my own award button
since I already passed this one on.

I'm gonna award this one to





Hhhmmm, Just Wait And See....


Operation Organization Time!!

Well...Some things are Totally out of your control sometimes!

Operation Organization was supposed to start today for me, BUT
I got to work on Thursday for my normal 4pm-midnight shift, and much to my surprise


Once again, my 8 hour shift turned into a 16 hour shift. I got home around 8:45am to a bright eyed and bushy tailed 13 month old who was awake and raring to go!!

My really.Did I say REALLY helpful little brother
(who is 30 and single, by the way...ladies....)
stayed overnight to care for Hootie since both Chief and I were called to DUTY,
then stayed this morning and let me SLEEP!!!

***I mentioned before, we both work for the city. He in Public Works and I in Emergency Management. ErrrOrr...."Office of Preparedness" which ever you want to call it today. Chief's job is physical clean up of demolished parts of the city. My job entails opening a huge room in our office so all city/county division heads including our NEW Interim Mayor, Red Cross, Public Works, etc...can come and communicate resources and decisions at one time, one common area,while another section of our office serves as a resource to police, fire, and citizens that call in with concerns.***


If you started today, let me know how it went! Read the post from Melinda below:

Are you ready for the fight?

(If you don't know what this is read this.)

If you'd still like to sign up or know of someone who would, it is not too late.
Anyone can sign up at anytime. The sooner you enlist, the more areas of your home to conquer!
I am not so much your Commander-in-Chief, as your fellow soldier.
I struggle with organization too and have enlisted some reinforcements (very organized friends of mine) to help provide us with tips and keep our morale up!

We can do that for each other, too!

Here's what you need to do for tomorrow:(I'm starting Monday)

1.) Choose your first organization project/goal. Don't forget to take a "Before" photo, so you can send me your Before and After photos.

2.) Post about it on your blog tomorrow (Monday)...(please either copy my button code or leave a link to my Operation Organization post in your Friday post, so others can learn about it and join in.)

3.) Come here on Friday ... I will have some "battle plans" (tips) to help get us started.

4.) Leave your link on my blog Friday via Mister Linky.
(Be sure to link to your Organization post, not just your blog.)

That's it!I'm very excited to get started! I hope you are, too.

Come back tomorrow (Oops, Monday for Me)and we'll hit the battlefield!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Can't Believe His Viciousness

Every summer I look forward to the summer schedule.
For about 10 minutes, I look forward to it.
Then I remember how I love to get up early before everyone else.

So last night, after another night of going to bed LATE, I told Chief to wake me when he left for work. I told him to say whatever he had to so I would actually get out of the bed and not just roll over while mumbling something like "Promise, I'm up..."

"Tell me the house is on fire, whatever you have to." I said.
"No wait. Make me coffee, then come tell me you made me coffee, and I'll jump right up."

There's nothing better than drinking morning coffee, praying and reflecting when the house is quiet.
So that's what he did.
Well Sorta....

He came in, sweetly kissed me, then grabbed my hand and said, "Baby, get up. Coffee is ready and the baby is up."


So I say to him, "The point of me getting up is to have some alone time before the baby wakes up. So I'll just lie here very quiet and wait for him to go back to sleep before I get up."

This man. This loving sweet husband of mine, kisses my hand again and says,
"Okay, the baby isn't really up, I lied."
"But coffee is ready. I love you and I'll call you later."

I'm guessing that I would stay in the bed if the house
were burning but make me coffee, and I'm there.....

I jump right up, excited about coffee being ready and my thoughts of actually being in my quiet house ALONE with only my thoughts to get my day prepared.
But what happens?

I walk into the kitchen and the coffee pot is not in the coffee machine.

It's playing hide-n-seek with me I guess......

Maybe he put it in the microwave to keep it warm....
(Even though we live in the south, we are a little high tech around here, and my coffee pot has the ability to actually keep the coffee warm on it's own.) But I'm not thinking clearly.

HELLO? I just woke up.

Wanna know what happened next?

I find the EMPTY coffee pot. Clean and sitting NEXT to the sink, waiting patiently to be filled.


So while I'm filling the coffee pot, Hootie starts LOUDLY telling me he is ready to start his day.


Plans change. Coffee starts brewing, bottle is made.
Coffee has to have conversations by itself for the next 20 minutes.
Hootie enjoys his morning bottle in mama's lap while watching OUR favorite show.

20 minutes later.......

Coffee tastes burnt. But I bet the bottle was good.....


Cuddling with a naked baby wrapped in his favorite fuzzy blanket is better than coffee any day.

Monday, July 27, 2009

How To Train A Southern Boy:

Me: "Baby, do we have any chocolate in the house?"

Chief: "Ummm, ice cream sandwiches and fudgecicles."

Me: "Will you split an ice cream sammich wit me?"

Chief: "Sure baby...."

Almost a whole freakin' minute passes.....Okay, really only about 4 seconds, but when a woman wants chocolate, (which honestly doesn't happen to me that often) SHE WANTS IT NOW.....

Since he didn't keep the conversation going.....

Me: "Okay, let me rephrase that."

Chief: "I was waiting on that."

Me: "Will you get up outta your camouflage chair and go get YOU an Ice Cream Sammich so you can split it with me?"

So he hands it to me, the whole time eyeballing it like a vicious dog. Just as I was about to tell him I would break it in half and give it to him NOW, instead of when I actually ate the HALF I wanted, what do I notice in HIS hands? Another Ice Cream Sammich....So why you eyeballin' my homie?

He ate his, I take a bite and blog. He starts gazing my way again.

Chief:"You know you're gonna let it melt if you don't eat that."

Me: "Okay, stop rushin' me."

I eat another bite or two and my chocolate craving is satisfied.
Being lactose intolerant doesn't mean you don't crave the BAD foods, it just means you have to know your limits.
I hand the Ice Cream Sammich over and as he's grinning like a school boy that just looked up a girls' skirt........

Chief: "Damn, a piece fell in my belly button."

Ladies. Ladies that don't live in the south ladies, THIS is what I'm dealing with here.....
Just kidding. It's really not that bad I promise.

Atleast he put it in his spit cup and didn't eat it.........

There IS hope in him yet.

Girl, Get To The Point Already......

Writing the post about Stellan, read about Stellan here ,led me to my own thoughts about
the direction of my blog. From the very beginning I knew my entreprenerial spirit wanted to make a living by writing. Whatever the venue, I knew I would find the best way for myself.

I've decided not to put tons of ads on my blog to bombard my readers with selfish money making schemes. Then as soon as I say that, I revert back to my intense desire to leave the world of working outside of my home for a set amount of hours per week, leaving my children and husband without a mom/wife. And in my line of work which is public safety, those hours are often stretched beyond measure if something catastrophic happens in our city. If the weather is horrendous and schools or businesses close, most people get to stay home wrapped in fuzzy pj's and hot chocolate. If a tanker overturns and spills hundreds of gallons of fuel with the possibility of exploding into a fiery mess and shutting the interstate down for hours, I don't get to gripe about the emergency workers blocking traffic because I am SENDING those emergency workers to block traffic. So my 8 hour shift has many times, turned into a 16 hour shift, keeping me away from my family for that much longer. So my thoughts lead me to ways I could leave that behind. Have more time to be a mom. Have more time to clean my house and cook nutritious meals. But how?????

I don't know that blogging would ever afford me the amount of money I make now. I don't know that I will release my book and make enough money to be home. I know that I want to continuously weigh my options. I know that I will never compromise my beliefs, values, and morals. I know that I will never be untrustworthy. I know that I will never be deceitful in my intentions to gain new blogging friends. But I also know that with hard work and intuition, God will show me how to achieve my goal of being with my babies and my husband.

Crap, I Didn't Spell Check...And Other After Thoughts

How am I supposed to be a writer if I get to busy changin' diapers and forget to come back and spell check before I post??? More for myself than for YOU, I must right my wrong....

The word is Entrepreneurial ......

Man...that feels much better. AND by the way...don't email me with links to every other word I've ACCIDENTALLY misspelled in every post I've ever written....That reminds me that I found this website once that cracked me up. It was about (parentheses) and the stupid ways people use them. Go look it up, I can't find it right now...

The other.....

People either took my earlier posts wrong or I wrote my earlier posts wrong. Either way, let me clarify that I'm not joining any "bash mckmama" club by ANY means. I have never gone through her archives and I haven't been following that long. I don't know what free stuff she's received nor do I know how much money she's given to charity. After that post and the subsequent one, I've had nothing but thoughts about the comments and emails I've received.

Most were "sorry you're having a bad day." HUH?
Did my contemplative posts make me seem depressed?

I'm sorry. Promise, I haven't been depressed all day. INFACT just the other day I wanted to cry (out of happiness) because Miss Talks-A-Lot commented that she hadn't seen



So no. Not depressed. Just contemplative. So I started thinking to myself.
"Self? Wait? I would Do Anything to give my family a better life."

But then I remembered that I just posted a huge RANT about keeping my morals and not putting ads on my blog.


Ads do not make you deceitful. Product Reviews do not make you untrustworthy. If I EVER expect to supplement my income, I will have to actually incorporate STUFF on my blog that other people are willing to give or pay me for.

I have never. NEVER thought like most. I have never, for instance, blamed Kate for putting her 8 kids on tv or drawing up contracts to ensure their future. And I'm sorry, but if I had 8 kids I'd take ALLLLL the free diapers and diaper changers, I could get.

So I don't think I was very clear in my post.

I don't necessarily think blogging about your sick baby is cause to use the word EXPLOITATION.

If I had a sick baby, I would blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog about it. It's therapy.

So I guess if you blog about your life, you have to (or get to) take what comes with releasing your thoughts.

Tina wrote: "Iphones, meals, clothes, new stroller, free hotel rooms, groceries for her husband and other kids while she was in Boston, pay pal account with over $1500 put in."

DANG. She got a free hotel room????

Real Thoughts In A Blogging World

I, like many of you, have been following baby Stellan and his fight for life. There are so many opinions and thoughts about Jennifer and her blog, so I think it's time I gave mine.

There are women who follow religiously and there are women who religiously have something negative to say. I admit I've had thoughts about both. My heart breaks for this baby. I can't help but constantly think about what an aweful feeling to know the possibility is there that someday Jennifer will have to be overwhelmed with the thought of her baby not being in her arms anymore. To play over and over in her mind, the memories of his little heart beating so incredibly fast, it caused to stop beating at all.

On the other hand, I'm plagued with thoughts of "what would I do?" I would want so bad to be able to save the memories of these moments in my mind and in print, but there's a huge part of me that doesn't know if I would be able to stay in the moment where they are working feverishly on my baby, but take time out to text. It seems odd to me. I am fully aware people are praying and want updates. I am also fully aware that sometimes in those moments, you have to step aside and let others do their job while you watch by the wayside without the same knowledge in the medical field as those trying to save your precious little one. So who knows, maybe pulling my phone and putting my scattered thoughts into actual words, might help me get through the moment. But I would hate to know being so busy preoccupied with my phone or computer, it led me to miss something. I wish she had someone to document for her so she didn't have to worry about that right now.

On to the next elephant in the room....I truly believe so many bloggers who write negativity about her choice of food, her amount of computer time and the amount of time spent by other bloggers following her, stems from a point of jealousy. There have been times that I, myself, have been peeved at the amount of publicity she receives because she has a sick child.
I don't have as many followers because I am newer in the blogging world and my children are (THANK GOD) very healthy. I am not one to constanty hit the refresh button and forget to feed my kids because I'm so enthralled by what is going on in someone else's life. I am way to busy to preoccupy myself with instant updates.

But saying that, I am aware there are thousands more children that, at this very second, are losing their battle with whatever disease they are fighting. There are a thousand more that just now died in some sort of motor vehicle accident. And still there are a thousand more being physically or sexually abused at this very second. The difference is that I don't know about those right now. Because I've enthralled myself into the blogging world, I have been made aware of this situation. Stellan. So as I pray for the millions of other children battling against the evils in this world, I also pray for this precious baby that just happens to be almost the same age as my littlest one, who both have names I know.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Kevin Spacey...You Got Nothin' On Me

Guys if I gave this to you: Make sure you copy and paste into your blog, then go check out BitterSweetMoments for directions on how you can PAY IT FORWARD also!!!

You Like Me, You Really Like Me....

People, I've received my FIRST EVER AWARD!!!!

Yay, ME!!!
(Although, not sure what I did...)

A Huge Thank You to Chrissy

Make Sure Ya'll Go Check Her Out and Show Some Bloggy Love!!!

Conversations In Our House....Geez.....

RWS: "Mom, can I play my PSP?"

Me: "Yes, do you know where it is?"

RWS: "No, can you call dad?"

Me: "Honey, do you know where the PSP is?"

Chief: "I put it on top of the fridge because he snuck upstairs and played it for like 4 hours."

Me: "Umm, what were you doing that you didn't know what our child was doing upstairs for FOUR hours?" (I was at work)

Chief: "He said he had to go to the bathroom."

Me: "Oh dear lord....Who goes to the bathroom for FOUR hours?"

(Missy T says he was sleeping in the camo chair)

Me: "RWS, why did you play for like FOUR hours?"

Missy T: "Mom, I don't think it was FOUR hours."

RWS: "Nooooo, not FOUR hours. I had to spend atleast FIVE MINUTES lying to him."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Operation Organization: The Battle for Order!

Operation Organization

Make sure you go check out Melinda's blog after reading this. AND don't forget to leave me a comment to tell me you've grabbed the button and ENLISTED!!

Oh yeah baby!!! I'm jumpin' on this bandwagon FO' SHO....(yes, Missy T I used it again...)

All summer, I've been devising my plan. Planning my plot. Waiting for just the right moment to bumrush the aliens that live in that thing some call a home....I call it a house. It doesn't feel like home....And don't say Homes are supposed to be lived in.....blah blah blah....

My OCD is way to strong for unorganization. And I've found this great way to give my whole family a swift kick in the butt to prepare us for the beginning of school!

So get ready dear family of mine. With the changing of the season, comes a changing of the GUARD....The Mama Guard....

Keep checking back with me as I get FULL BLOWN with this.


The owners of this blog, TANGLEDEUTOPIA, will not be held responsible for any of the following if one chooses to gaze at before pictures on said blog:

~Minor Medical Clinics for unexplained pain to the eyeballs
~Emergency Room visits (even if no copay is expected at time of visit)
~Emergency Vision Appointments
~AA, NA, or any other "Anonymous" type support group

BUT, if one chooses to gaze at AFTER pictures, one MUST do atleast 4 of the following:

~Send MAMA some love via any media necessary including but not limited to:


Outta The Mouths Of Babes....

I'm not gonna repost the whole thing,
but THIS is the most hilarious thing I've heard in a long time!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Because if there is, I need to be a member...(As long as it's not inside a Goodwill building.)
I follow a couple of blogs where the women post beore/after pictures of their finds and I guess I should do that, but rarely do I buy big items. Most of what I buy are name brand clothes, books, and every now and then I'll find some sort of knick knack that reminds me of my mom or my grandma.

I'm always SO EXCITED when I hit my proverbial jackpot! Here's some of the things I've found in the last couple of days...(sadly, I haven't been in almost a month b/c of our vacation.

A pair of cute red keds sz. 5 for Hootie = $2.99

3 panels of white sheers = $3.99 2 decorative curtain rods =$4.99/ea.

White Gap short sleeve polo for RWS = $1.99

Left Behind "Kids" series. Vol. 1 & 4 (always looking for the rest) = .99/ea

I've bought boots 2 different times
for $6.99 a piece. Brand New!!!!

Love this blanket!! $2.99
I got 3 of these $1.99/ea.

Gap shorts $1.99

Umm, hello? I know it's July but they were .99

CARTER'S sleepers, rompers, shirts = .99

Books ( I never go over $1.99)
Old Navy purses and bags I use for make up = $3.99
Once I bought Chief 6 button downs: Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Abercrombie, Pierre Cardin, and Ralph Lauren = $2.99/ea. (3 of them still had dry cleaning tags)

I can't tell you how many toys I've bought Hootie because they are all .99 or 1.99. The toys were the first to start my addiction. I went to Walmart looking for toys and found a really cute toy but it was $24.99. About a week later, Anne and I went for Starbucks on a saturday morning and decided to hit the Goodwill across the street. I found the EXACT same toy and it was $1.99!!!

It has been downhill since....The great thing is that I have been buying these toys and turning right around and selling them on Craigslist when he's done.

Lord, please forgive me and be with the starvin' pigmy's in New Guinea


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Minnesota Vacation 2009

This year our TANGLED vacation wasn't so tangled. Because of Missy T going to the Middle East with her dad, I decided Runs With Scissors needed his own vacation.

But enduring the 2 hour long slideshow of someone else's vacation (who feels the need to pause every 3rd picture and explain exactly which one of the 30 exact made windows was their hotel room) would make anyone want to slit their wrist.

So I'm in a good mood today and will only give you the highlights of who I would like to thank for making our 2,600 mile trip a little less painful.

First and foremost....THANK YOU TO THE MAKERS OF BENADRYL.....

I'd like to thank the makers of the PSP that kept RWS occupied and the Portable DVD player which allowed us to repeatedly play BABY PHONICS over and over and over and over to keep Hootie happy....Second to Walmart for selling the shower curtain rod we jimmied to the back of the truck so we could hang our clothes and lessen mama ironing time.

Read carefully...I will only say this thank you once because although I have to give credit where credit is due, I'm struggling with giving these people ANY more appreciation than I have to.....
A Thank You to the makers of UNLEADED GASOLINE which prevented us from running out of fuel in the middle of ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE, IOWA. (I'm sure that's a real city in Iowa. And you could find it on the map if you happen to be driving through that lovely state because there's nothing else to look at anyway, so you have plenty of time.....)

Thank you to every television manufacturer who puts buttons on the bottom of the tv so my son becomes entranced and crawls away before I can get his diaper back on, which inevitably led me to take naked butt pictures at every hotel we stayed at. THANKS

Thanks to the COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT in Brooklyn Center, MN for providing towels so I could clean my oh-so dirty boys. I promise we didn't steal any of them. Okay, I did take one wash cloth to wrap my perfume in. SORRY. And thanks for being a classy enough joint that you provided an indoor pool.

(I'm looking at Hootie that way b/c he just swat at my face and I'm asking him what he thought he was doing...)

I'd like to thank the inventor of the mini carousel at the Mall of America for taking a whole freakin' dollar of my money and lasting a mere 27 seconds only to have my 13 month old scream when the ride stopped which made me rush to insert yet another of my hard earned dollars to keep him happy.

The academy award of thank you's has to go to Hooters' for partnering with the RANCH DRESSING company they use for their carrots and hot wings, but more importantly the inventor of the STRAW that silenced the LOUDEST SCREAMING kid EVER to walk into the Mall of America once I put the two products together and lifted them both to the mouth of said screaming kid.

A big thanks to all the cheesy tourist gift shops in GRAND MARAIS, MN who not only sold thimbles, spoons, magnets with Moose or Sailboats, BUT also buy one get one sweatshirts as the temperature dropped to 52 degrees, while it was 97 back home....hhhmmm $60 for 3 hours worth of wear until next winter....Gotta love it.

Thank You to "My Sister's Place" Restaurant in GRAND MARAIS for providing half way decent food while we provided our own entertainment

I'd like to thank the inventor of the wheel for keeping said 13 month old occupied at the outdoor water park we stopped at as we traveled so far up north I could hear little Canadian kids in the distant shouting EY...

Thanks to my boys for agreeing to dress the way I wanted you too...You three ROCK!!

Thanks to GOD for making trees and giving my bored 7 year old something to lean on during the wedding ceremony.

A big thank you to EARLE BROWN HERITAGE CENTER somewhere in Minneapolis for leaving black velcro table runners in the empty coat check room so I could cover my sleeping kid after he finally fell into slumber after an hour of screaming at all the excitement of the British wedding we attended.

And thank you Hootie for being in a good mood when you finally woke up two hours later.

A BIG shout out to the maker of the strapless bra which allowed me to confidently wear my $29.99 dress from Sears and not have to tug at my boobage the entire night of the wedding.

Hommage to the strapless bra once more.....

Really big thank you to the maker of the long swirly and very colorful suckers sold at VALLEY FAIR AMUSEMENT PARK, that once again helped lessen the screaming factor brought on by exhaustion from a day of fun for my 13 month old yellin machine.

And one last thank you to VALLEY FAIR for making the 30 minute trip back to the hotel a little less loud.....

Thanks to Cove Point Lodge in BEAVER BAY, MN for providing a really great room, really great view and the weirdest Scandinavian Breakfast I've ever seen but didn't think to take pictures of, consisting of bite size pieces of fish in ice water, beets (in ice again), cucumbers and onions, tomatoes, cheese, and salami and wheat toast.
(I actually really liked everything except the first two)
Oh by the way, Thanks for letting me just throw in that our room was the upper right window.....

Anne's mom had the cabin next to the lodge and we all hung out there every night to cook, play games, and hang out.

Last but not least.....I leave you with a little Thank You to my RedNeck Man.....Thanks for a wonderful vacation baby and always being the life of the party!!!

And thank you to ME for thinking it was cute that the British ladies wanted to grab my husbands' butt and dance with him all night. No applause needed....Enjoy the video......
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