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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Words Can Be So Powerful

Words are such a powerful force. When spoken or written, they have the ability to conjure the fiercest of emotions. Sometimes when a person tries to find just the right word to convey their inner most thoughts, the lack of any words at all can bring forth brand new emotions. I'm having so much trouble finding the right words to really make each and every one of you fully understand how much I appreciate the love and support that our family has felt over the last 30 or so hours.

For those of you in my world, you are there for a reason. Social media has given me the opportunity to be a part of each of your lives in my own time frame. I can continue my daily chaotic world with 3 children, a husband, and work but still click a few buttons and see how your daily chaotic world is going. Who you are proud of, who you are mad at, how you feel after your big dinner. So when you take the time to express your feelings to our family through your words, I truly want you to understand that they mean so much. We need them. We take comfort in them.

My grandfather never met a stranger and if you met him, you never forgot him! I am such a blessed girl to have had him for a grandfather as well as have for my mother, the girl he raised. As intense is the loss I feel, the same intensity fulfills me of happiness that I was blessed to soak up 32 years of his wisdom, humor, and love. There are so many intimate moments shared between just the two of us that I will forever hide in my heart to be able to pull up at just the right moment to get me through whatever situation I am faced with.

I truly thank each and every one of you for being a part of my life and feeling the magnitude of the mark my grandfather left on this world. What I ask of each of you, is that whatever piece he left you, pass it on. Only then, will his life work finally be done and only then will this world be a little easier to endure.

We are in the final stages of funeral arraingements, but this I know, is set in stone. I really hope you can come if only for a short time, to celebrate his life!

Visitation: Thursday night 6-8pm at Spirit Life Worship Center (Whitten Heights)

Church Address: 1130 Whitten Rd. Memphis, TN

Funeral: Friday at Spirit Life Worship Center, (time will be known later this afternoon)

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