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Friday, June 12, 2009

If You Wanted To Spend The Night, All You Had To Do Was Ask......

What a day it's been!!! This happened within seconds of pulling in my driveway from work. Thank You God for keeping my family safe!!!

This is the view from my front door. My poor tree was split in half. Thankfully it didn't fall the other direction towards my house!!

This is my neighbor's house across the street

Shame on me for taking Hootie's bouncer outside when the sun was out yesterday and being lazy by leaving it!!! My patio did look nice I swear!!!

My 2 troopers wearing smiles even though we had (have) no power!!!

God's work after the rain!!!!

Simply AMAZING!!!!

Last count, the news station said 125,000 people were without power. Every single house around me has some sort of damage. 3 houses within a 5 house radius of mine, had trees fall on their house. Fences down everywhere, as well as debris. But through the storm, God is still Good! He kept us safe even if Chief's flight was delayed!!! As I write, he has landed and enroute to check out the damage to our house before coming to our BEST FRIENDS IN THE WHOLE WORLDS' HOUSE!!!
~~~~By the way, thank you guys for letting us ALL bombard your house for the night, we truly love you!!!~~~~
I pray our power will be back on soon, but in the mean time: PIZZA, GAMES, MOVIES, FAMILY. What could be better???

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beccad said...

Where do you live? We had a wedding to go to on Yale Rd. and Kirby Whitten and a tornado hit right down the street on Stage road. The power was out and came back on right before the wedding. We didn't get anything but rain and thunder and lightening out here in Atoka. But going into town last night we saw a lot of damage through Bartlett. I'm glad your house is okay.