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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RedNeck Arts & Crafts

TA-DA.....Here's my very first tutorial!

I can't name this "REDNECK" if I'm not honest and show you my work area.....

I used Microsoft Publisher to create the actual words on theinvite, then printed them on blue paper. I glued them onto the lime greencardstock, then laminated everything. I grabbed the pictures I wanted to use and copied them the amount of times I needed. In this case, I made 16 invitations total. I used publisher to draw a circle around the photo before printing, so that gave me a guide. After printing, I laminated the whole sheet, then cut around the circle. The Redneck came out in me, when I used a fingernail file to buff the edges to smooth them....Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.....

I found these cute stickers from Target for $1.99, so I bought 3 sheets. They are positioned on a small block of adhesive to make them raised off the paper and the tail is made from pipe cleaner! Love Them!!

Next, I used a hot glue gun to position the rounded picure of Hootie

After that, I applied the monkey and used a hole punch to make two holes for the ribbon to slide through. I tied the ribbon, twisting as I pulled so the polka dot side is visible.

I printed an envelope pattern from online, and used the lime cardstock. You can find the blog here for the envelope. (Really good ideas there)
I used some of the same blue paper to add color on the inside of the envelope.
I must admit, when it was all said and done, the cardstock was to heavy, so I reversed and used the blue paper as the envelope with a strip of green on the inside.

The invitation fit perfectly....

Last, I added a touch of the polka dot ribbon for the back.




beccad said...

Those are too cute. My sister-in-law makes her own invites and stationary and my brother does all of the drawing. They are so creative all I can do is sew and the machine does most of the work. lol :)

TangledEutopia said...

Okay then girlie...I am so utterly jealous of that embroidery machine! I'm determined to save my money! Until then, we'll just trade. I'll make paper stuff for you, you monogram something for me! Maybe I'll get in touch with you to do a shirt for Hootie to wear at his party!